Katherine Heigl as Tully Hart and Sarah Chalke as Kate Mularkey on 'Firefly Lane'
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[SPOILER] Dies at the End of the 'Firefly Lane' Book, and It's a Doozy

Shannon Raphael - Author

Feb. 3 2021, Updated 11:41 a.m. ET

Warning: SPOILERS from the Firefly Lane book are ahead.

Netflix's newest soon-to-be-hit is a tearjerker that also has elements of mystery, heartache, and love along with the bond of an unbreakable friendship. 

Based on the novel by Kristin Hannah, Firefly Lane tells the story of the decades-long friendship between outgoing free spirit Tully Hart (Katherine Heigl) and introvert Kate Mularkey (Sarah Chalke).

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The story begins when the girls are teenagers, and it carries them through adulthood. But, it concludes with an emotional loss. 

Does Kate die in Firefly Lane? Keep reading to find out how the book concludes, and what it might mean for the continuation of the show. 

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Does Kate die in 'Firefly Lane?' SPOILERS.

Though it's unclear how closely the Netflix adaptation will follow the novel, there is a heart-wrenching death at the end of the book edition of Firefly Lane.

Throughout the book, Tully and Kate are inseparable; Kate and her family provide Tully with a sense of security as her own mother deals with substance abuse and her grandmother/caretaker passes away. 

The two girls end up attending college together, and they both pursue broadcast journalism. (Tully is in front of the cameras, while Kate works behind the scenes.)

When both Kate and Tully develop feelings for Johnny Ryan (who is played by Ben Lawson), who also works at the news station, they deal with the first major hurdle in their friendship.

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Kate ends up marrying Johnny, but not before he sleeps with Tully. 

While Kate decides to focus on her family, Tully remains uber career-oriented. She eventually gets her own daytime talk series, The Girlfriend Hour. Kate and Tully's different life paths cause some tension and jealousy.

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Years later, Tully even becomes a friend to Kate and Johnny's daughter, Marah. She indulges Marah in a way that Kate doesn't agree with, and the relationship rubs Kate the wrong way.

Tully ultimately offers Kate the chance to discuss her parenting on an episode of her talk series, The Girlfriend Hour, but it ends up being an ambush to call Kate a bad mom.

After the taping, the two stop speaking.

Soon thereafter, Tully learns that Kate has breast cancer and that it's terminal.

Despite thinking that they'd never reconcile their friendship, Tully and Kate reconnect during Kate's battle with cancer.

Unfortunately, Kate does die at the end of the novel, and she leaves behind a note for Tully to look after her husband and her kids. 

It's unclear if the Firefly Lane show will conclude with Kate's death or if that storyline will be prolonged for the sake of more seasons. 

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There's a book sequel to 'Firefly Lane.'

If Season 1 of Firefly Lane does follow the same arc as the novel, there's no need to fret about whether or not the story can continue without Kate. 

Kristin Hannah, who wrote the novel in 2008, followed it up five years later with Fly Away.

The plot of the sequel centers around Tully as she grapples with life after losing her best friend. It also features the continuation of Tully's bond with Marah, as she falls in love and mourns her mom's passing.

Source: Netflix

Tully's relationship with her mom, Dorothy Hart, is further featured in Fly Away as well.

Firefly Lane will be available to stream on Netflix beginning on Feb. 3. 

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