Kenya Expresses Hesitation About Saying “I Do” Again on ‘Seeking Brother Husband’

Haylee Thorson - Author

Apr. 3 2023, Published 12:09 p.m. ET

Tiger, Kenya, and Carl on 'Seeking Brother Husband'
Source: TLC

Things are going from messy to messier!

In the April 2 episode of Seeking Brother Husband, Kenya shuts down her unofficial husband Tiger when he expresses interest in legally binding their relationship. After a decade-long partnership, Tiger believes a wedding is long overdue, but Kenya doesn't quite see it that way.

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To make matters worse, Kenya wants to expand her romantic horizons past Tiger and her legal husband of 12 years, Carl. So, do Kenya and Tiger tie the knot during Season 1 of the new TLC reality series? Or do they finally go their separate ways? Right now on the show, things are kind of all over the place.

Tiger, Kenya, and Carl on 'Seeking Brother Husband'
Source: TLC
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Does Kenya marry Tiger on ‘Seeking Brother Husband’?

In the April 2 episode of Seeking Brother Husband, Tiger tells Kenya he wants to make their marriage official. While Kenya is already legally married to her husband, Carl, she has been referring to Tiger as her unofficial husband for 10 years. For him, it's well past the time to make things more official between them.

When Tiger poses the idea of holding a special ceremony to solidify their union, Kenya immediately shuts him down. She says that because his parents don’t accept their polyamorous lifestyle, throwing a wedding wouldn’t make sense. She also says that no one would bother to show up, which takes Tiger aback.

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He argues that they should hold the wedding for themselves — and not others.

“The reason I want a wedding with Kenya is because I finally have gotten to the point where I want to solidify our relationship,” Tiger explains during a confessional.

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Despite Kenya’s initial pushback about holding a ceremony to exchange vows, one Seeking Brother Husband trailer hints that she and Tiger eventually tie the knot.

“I have two husbands who love me!” Kenya exclaims while wearing a wedding gown.

Linked arm in arm with her husband of 12 years and her “co-husband” of 10, it appears Kenya will overcome her fear of saying, “I do,” to another man in the first season of the TLC reality series.

Are Tiger and Carl Kenya’s only husbands? The ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ star wants to expand her romantic horizons.

While it seems Kenya will marry Tiger in due time, he might not be the only person she ties the knot with during the series. Kenya gets candid on the show about wanting to move into a bigger home to explore other romantic partnerships.

Carl has his own room in their living space, while Kenya and Tiger share one. Because of this, Kenya feels she isn't free to seek out more men.

However, Tiger doesn't like the idea of his partner dating other people before they legally solidify their own union.

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“Right now, I’d like to pump the brakes on a new partner,” Tiger says of Kenya’s ambitions during the Season 1 premiere. “Let’s… get on solid footing in our relationship before moving forward with a new partner.”

But Kenya seems set on adding new partners to the mix. Will she say, “I do,” to more than one man this season? Or will she respect Tiger’s wishes?

Find out by tuning into new episodes of Seeking Brother Husband on Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

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