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If You're Worried Officer Bradford Died in 'The Rookie' Season 1 Finale, Have Hope


Season 2 of the The Rookie premieres this Sunday (September 29), and it seems like we've had to wait forever since that insane Season 1 finale back in April. In "Free Fall," we watch Officer West confront a dangerous suspect in a bus full of innocent people. Nolan and Bishop check out a dead man who was found in a bus station bathroom, learning that he played a part in spreading a deadly virus, a bioterrorism plot that threatens to take out all of L.A. (and probably the world if this is anything like Contagion).

Then, Officers Bradford and Chen go to the house of another bus passenger who came in contact with the virus. Just as Tim Bradford (played by Eric Winter) realizes this guy has been infected by whatever is in his backpack (he accidentally grabbed somebody else's), the man coughs up blood and Bradford get sprayed in the face with it. Even though he gets an experimental vaccine dosage, it's unclear if Bradford is in the clear yet, since the Season 1 finale ended with him fainting. Ughhhhh, cliffhangers!