Priscila Says the 'Vanderpump Villa' Environment Is "Too Wild" for Her

Priscila Ferrari voices difficulty in forming connections with the rest of the 'Vanderpump Villa' staff.

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Apr. 29 2024, Published 12:00 a.m. ET

Priscila Ferrari serving cups of tea during Season 1 of 'Vanderpump Villa'
Source: Hulu

We're halfway through Season 1 of Vanderpump Villa, and the drama is only going to get more messy. The tumultuous relationship between Hannah Fouch and Marciano Brunette continues to cause utter chaos, but today, we want to turn your attention to Priscila Ferrari and the challenges she faces in the luxurious French villa.

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During the April 15 episode, Priscila reveals her struggle to connect with the rest of the staff members. Her feelings of isolation and overwhelm prompt many fans to ask: Does Priscila quit Vanderpump Villa? We see her sit down with Lisa Vanderpump multiple times after voicing this, and not much has changed for her in regards to her relationships with the other staff members.

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So, does Priscila quit 'Vanderpump Villa'?

In the April 15 episode, Priscilla voices difficulty in forming genuine connections, both romantically and platonically, with the rest of the villa staff. She meets with Lisa in the April 22 episode to share details of feeling on the outs with the other staff members. Then, in the April 29 episode, when she meets with Lisa again, Priscilla admits that she doesn't want to let her boss down. However, in the end, her mental health has to take priority.

Priscila says that being at the villa is "harder than [she] thought." And at the top of the episode, she decides to go home. She experiences a deep sense of loneliness, lacking a support system during challenging times. This is undeniably one of the most distressing emotional states one can endure, and our hearts go out to her!

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Priscila says the environment is "too wild for me." Tearfully confiding in Lisa, she says she doesn't want to "disappoint" the former RHOBH star, hinting at her emotional strain. Considering these developments, it's not too surprising that Priscila packs her bags and decides to leave the villa permanently.

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Hannah Fouch criticized Priscila for the way she sprawled out in a chair.

OK, let's dive into what might be one of the most ridiculous confrontations in reality TV history! In the second episode of the series, Priscila gets caught off guard when Hannah expresses discomfort over the fellow server sitting "spread eagle" next to Hannah's on-again, off-again boyfriend and co-star, Marciano.

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Later on, Priscila confronts Hannah for not calling out events coordinator Gabriella Sanon, who also sits with her legs similarly spread out.

In an April 2024 interview with People, Priscila briefly addressed the conflict. She explained, "I can carry myself very confidently, and some people can take that as a threat." She also mentioned that Hannah's remarks stung because her upbringing emphasized good manners and excellent posture.

"It's been such a long journey of me believing in myself, and having confidence, and accepting my body the way it is," she continued. "And then, when a comment like that comes, it hits like a car. So, for me, it was good to see and prove [to] myself that, no, I was not doing anything wrong, and everything was fine. In my head, I feel like I handled it pretty well. And it's just that I believed in myself and my gut that I didn't do anything wrong or disrespect anybody."

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