The Dolan Twins Are Under Fire for Their Treatment of Former Friend Ryan Karoly

YouTubers the Dolan Twins are under fire after a falling out with Ryan Karoly that led to Ryan moving out of their house. Details on the drama.


Feb. 9 2021, Updated 3:28 p.m. ET

All good influencers know that you don't want to make the internet mad. Unfortunately, the Dolan Twins, Ethan and Grayson, who first came to fame for producing Vines, have caused an internet controversy. It all started after rumors began circulating that they had kicked their best friend, Ryan Karoly, out of their house just months after they invited him to live with them. 

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What happened between Ryan and the Dolan twins?

In a video on his newly created YouTube channel, Ryan explained how he ended up back home after living with the Dolans. He said that he had asked to move in with Ethan and Grayson while he looked for a job after ending his wrestling career. The Dolans said that would be fine but then asked him to move out several months later, claiming he was putting too much stress in their lives. 

Source: YouTube
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Ryan then went back home, but the Dolan twins asked him to come back so that he could coach Grayson for a wrestling match with Logan Paul. After he moved back in, they almost kicked him out for sending a Snapchat to a fan, but ultimately decided against it. Then, the three of them went to New Jersey together, where the drama really intensified. 

Ethan and Grayson Dolan think Ryan Karoly 'crossed a line.'

While they were in New Jersey, Ryan went on a walk with a girl that all three of them are friends with. After the walk, Ethan and Grayson confronted Ryan, saying that he had crossed a line because Grayson was interested in the girl. The argument that ensued was filmed and posted online, although it was eventually taken down. After the fight, Ryan left New Jersey and returned to his home in North Carolina. 

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After going home, Ryan claims that he received a text from Ethan asking if he could search through Ryan's phone to find any "dirt" on him or his brother. Ryan found the text insulting, saying that it showed that there was no trust between Ryan and the twins, in spite of the decade that they'd spent as friends. 

Source: YouTube
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Fans have strong opinions about the feud.

In general, fans who are following the drama between Ryan and the Dolan twins have been sympathetic to Ryan, saying that the twins have not treated him well. “I was a Dolan Twins fan for a long time," one user wrote on Twitter. "After seeing them allow petty Snapchats and paranoia overtake a friendship, after f--king their best friend around, I am no longer a fan. Disgusting. Everyone go show your love to @karoly_ryan and sub to his YouTube.” 

"I have been a Dolan twins stan for 4 years and after watching Ryan Karoly’s video and his side of the story of what happened, I can no longer support the Dolan twins after hearing how poorly they treated their childhood best friend," another added. The Dolan twins have yet to publicly address the controversy, and in their absence, parts of the internet are turning against them. 

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