The Drake Curse Continues to Haunt the Sports World

If you've ever wondered why sports teams have banned selfies with Drake, we'd like to explain the Drake curse and what that means.

Devan McGuinness - Author

May 4 2021, Updated 12:46 p.m. ET

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We've heard for many years that some people are cursed when it comes to sports teams. Often, these curses are pinned on girlfriends of the star player. They're accused of making the team lose or somehow making their partner not live up to their potential. 

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One person who has this curse pinned on them that's a little different than the rest is Drake. The singer/rapper has had the Drake curse follow him since 2019 and people are still talking about it today. 

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What is the "Drake Curse"?

Drake, the rapper/singer from Toronto, has had a reputation for several years of being a "bad luck charm" for a lot of different athletes and sports teams over the years. It hasn't gone unnoticed that whenever he chooses a team or person and talks about them as a superfan, the sports team or player ends up having some sort of bad luck.

Football teams have been banned from posting selfies taken with Drake after superstitions grew that doing so was a bad omen. Several teams found themselves losing games not long after team members were pictured with Drake.  

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The Drake curse isn't limited to football though – several other athletes fell victim too. Anthony Joshua, a boxer, lost a big bout not long after he was spotted with Drake. The same thing happened to tennis superstar Serena Williams.  

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Oh, and Conor McGregor also suffered a huge loss after he took a selfie with the 33-year-old music star. He lost one of the biggest fights of his career against Khabib Nurmagomedov after having Drake come out during his weigh-in. 

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The Drake curse ended when the Toronto Raptors won NBA Finals β€” or did it?

Everyone was worried for the Toronto Raptors during the 2019 basketball season because Drake was a superfan to the level of getting into heated arguments about the team with anyone who doubted them. After years of being called "bad luck" and talking about this Drake curse, it seemed to have been lifted when the Raptors won the final game against the Golden State Warriors. It didn't go unnoticed.  

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Despite that win, people still seem to think the Drake curse is a real thing.

Back in January, the Drake curse started to be in conversations again after Baltimore Ravens took a loss and it was blamed on one player's association with Drake.  

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Around the same time, the singer was spotted wearing pants with the word "truss" written on the side, which happened to be a slang word that became a part of the motto for the Ravens that season. 

During an interview on Complex's Load Management podcast, Lamar Jackson talked about the Drake curse and his belief that the whole thing is not a real issue.  

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"The 'Drake Curse' is B.S., too," Lamar said around the 25-minute-mark when he was asked about his relationship with Drake, aka Drizzy and the curse. "[The Raptors] just won an NBA championship." 

"He wore my jersey two weeks before that too," Lamar said while talking about Drake wearing his merch before the playoffs. "He DMed me before that," he added, after joking that he would tell Drake to not wear his jersey until after the team wins a Super Bowl. 

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