"I Don't Know What to Do!" — Personal Assistant Drops Boss's $8K Shoes Behind Closet Shelves

This personal assistant was organizing her boss's closet when she dropped a pair of $8,000 behind some shelves — an unmasked hero saved the day.

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Jul. 28 2023, Published 6:58 p.m. ET

While some people spend their time reimagining their kitchen or boudoir, we all know that the closet is where it’s really at. There, the possibilities are endless.

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With trousers, blouses, and accessories alike, there’s no place like a well-stocked wardrobe, and @abbymonea’s boss knows this firsthand. On TikTok, Abby shares her adventures as a personal assistant. Among her day-to-day duties is organizing her boss’s closet.

Woman asks for help in retrieving boss's boyfriend's pair of $8,000 shoes behind some shelves.
Source: TikTok/@abbymonea
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While Abby has a pretty sweet gig, she found herself in a sticky situation when it came time to handle the shoe department of her boss's large closet. When she was moving around her boss’s boyfriend’s shoes, one pair fell behind the shelves.

It was then, Abby revealed, that she knew she was in big trouble.

It wasn’t until an unmasked hero came along and saved the day that Abby could breathe a sigh of relief. Here’s what happened …

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This woman dropped her boss’s boyfriend’s $8K shoes behind the shelves in the closet and almost lost it.

Abby’s boss doesn’t appear in this particular saga, but the size of her closet and everything in it leaves us to believe that she is loaded. That’s why Abby panicked when she almost lost a pair of her boss’s boyfriend’s $8,000 shoes.

In a video, Abby explained what happened, and pleaded with followers for suggestions.

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"I’m my boss’s closet organizing her boyfriend's shoes and I've f----- up, I've made an error. I was putting the shoe boxes up there and I went to go put one in this corner and lo and behold, it's hollow,” she said, adding that the shoes she lost were “not just any” old shoes, they were $8,000 shoes.

Woman shows closet shelves where boss's boyfriend's shoes fell.
Source: TikTok/@abbymonea

"About to have a panic attack thinking about it," Abby wrote on her video at one point.

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In Abby’s defense, her boss’s closet is built kind of weird.

“There's no way into this hollow thing. And like, obviously people are going to use that part for storage to store things. What the f---? I don't know what to do,” the TikToker ended the video.

Luckily for her, her boss’s house manager, Eva, came to the rescue. “I have your f------ shoe update and I can finally breathe again,” Abby said in a follow-up video. “'I’ve been having a panic attack for the past 24 hours. I called Eva."

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"Eva’s like the house manager — she oversees everything and she also cleans and oversees the people who clean,” she went on. “But she knew what to do right away so it makes me feel like I'm a little bit less of a dummy and I'm not the only person who's done this.”

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The following day, she pulled up at the house and tried to help Abby retrieve the shoes using only a spatula.

In the end, she was successful in her mission.

Although the box that the shoes were in broke, the shoes — which actually cost $1,500 to replace, not $8,000 like Abby originally thought — were recovered unscathed. And it was all thanks to Eva, who proves that not all heroes wear capes.

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