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Source: Instagram

Emily Riedel Is a Delightful Anomaly on Discovery Channel's 'Bering Sea Gold'


You may not recognize Emily Riedel’s name, but if you’re a fan of the Discovery Channel, you no doubt know her as that girl on Bering Sea Gold

The 31-year-old has been a fixture on the reality show since Season 1, and fans have enjoyed watching her rise up the ranks in the male-dominated dredging business. But there’s more to Emily than meets the eye. Here’s what we’ve learned about the adventurer. 

Emily Riedel on Bering Sea Gold began her mining career as a deckhand.

Back in 2012, Emily worked on The Clark, a suction dredge owned and operated by her childhood friend, Zeke Tenhoff, in Nome, Ala. She eventually became the captain of her own boat called The Erotica, but struggled with the transition from follower to leader.