YouTuber Evettexo Recently Explained Why She's Fallen out With BeautyyBird


Aug. 12 2021, Published 11:12 a.m. ET

There's always plenty of drama in the world of popular YouTube influencers, but some genuine friendships have also emerged on the platform. Beauty vloggers Evettexo and BeautyyBird used to have a close friendship that emerged as their popularity grew on the platform. Recently, though, the two have had a falling out that ultimately ended their friendship.

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What's behind the drama between Evettexo and BeautyyBird.

BeautyyBird, whose real name is Yasmin, first took to Twitter in June to announce that a rift had formed between the two former friends.

“Evette and I had an issue at a personal level where I ultimately decided that the best decision for me was to part ways and end our friendship at a personal level," she said, without clarifying the exact reason that their friendship had ended.

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When people began speculating that the relationship had ended because of Evette's new cosmetics line, though, Yasmin made it clear that that was not the reason their relationship ended. "The issue was outside of the business perspective as I have always known about her cosmetic line coming," she explained.

“This has nothing to do with her launch. I honestly wish her the best of luck and the utmost success," she added.

Evette has added her own perspective on the drama.

Yasmin didn't add any additional detail, but Evette weighed in more recently in a private video on YouTube to explain why the two had fallen out. The video is called "Clearing My Name and Moving Forward", and in it, Evette obliquely references her friendship with Yasmin. She said that their fight wasn't anything “horrible, toxic or shady," but added that their friendship was “something that wasn’t meant to happen."

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Evette added that their friendship ended because they mixed business and friendship, and even hinted that the fight may have had something to do with Evette hiring Yasmin's father as a contractor to work on her house. Evette also said that she wished Yasmin had talked to her about her Twitter announcement before posting it, adding that Yasmin's post had ruined the launch of her product line.

Source: Twitter
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After the video posted, Evette also took to Twitter to end the drama between her and Yasmin more definitively.

“It honestly took a lot out of me to lay my feelings out but now I’m just mentally preparing myself for what’s next," she wrote. "Please let’s not provoke the situation this was not about choosing sides but about me sharing my feelings about the situation. I’ve gone through enough mentally."

“So I’m just going to chill for a min and let whatever is going to unfold unfold," she added in a second tweet. "I handled this as best as I could I'm moving on with my life and don’t want to hear about this anymore.”

The exact details of the falling out may never be revealed, but it seems that Yasmin and Evette are both trying to move past their friendship. They don't seem to have hard feelings toward one another, or want to draw this feud out. Instead, they're just putting their cards on the table so they can hopefully move on.

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