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25 Evil People Who Just Want to Watch the World Burn



Sure, it might be a line from the Dark Knight, but it's also true. Some people really do just want to watch the world burn. They set out to mess with people, to disrupt the peace, to cause problems just for fun. These are anarchists through and thought. They'll mix Skittles and M&M's with abandon. They'll Rick Roll their entire school. They'll slap googly eyes on anything they darn well please. 

These are the people who derive pleasure from causing other people pain.

Outlet sticker monster

Source: Twitter

Someone went around this airport sticking these outlet stickers on posts and walls because, apparently, they simply love to watch people already on the brink of insanity absolutely lose it. This sort of reminds me of the guy who put AirPod stickers all over the city just to make people bend down. If you're looking for a word, it's "evil."

Skittles / M&M's mixer

Source: Imgur

I might be in the minority here, but I believe that M&M's are much better than Skittles and don't deserve this sort of treatment. If I was expecting a Skittle and I got an M&M instead, I'd be ecstatic. The other way around, and that's grounds for violence. This is a candy crime if I ever saw one.

Hotel body trickster

Source: Imgur

Someone posted this and wrote that this is how they always leave hotel rooms. This is genuinely terrible. I wouldn't wish this on any hotel housekeeper. Although, they've probably all seen this before. Lots of people (read: dudes) think they're super clever.

Confusing payment machine labeler

Source: Reddit

How... How are you supposed to make any payment whatsoever? This is like those insane parking signs on the street in LA where if you read closely enough, you'll realize that you can't park in that spot at any time. Guess you just won't be paying for whatever this is trying to get you to pay for today.

Water ambusher

Source: Imgur

Parents already go through so much with their kids. They don't also need their difficult kids to be smarta--es who trap them in impossible situations like this. There's no way to pick up those glasses of water without spilling it everywhere. I don't even know how they set them up like that in the first place!

Ketchup and mayo anarchist

Source: Reddit

You might think, "What's so wrong with this? Someone was asked to buy ketchup and mayo, and that's exactly what they did." But if you'll note the brands, you'll realize that this is blasphemy. Heinz mayonnaise and Hellmann's ketchup?! I didn't even know these existed. They shouldn't.

Pizza smusher

Source: Twitter

Who carries pizza like this? I've never felt this bad for a food before. I can practically feel the cheese dripping off its surface. It will be absolutely ruined by the time he gets to wherever he's going. Let's hope that these are empty prop pizza boxes for a video shoot or something.

Scissor snipper

Source: Imgur

Well, this is just the worst thing I've ever seen. You might say that you can just use a knife to saw through the zip tie, but have you ever tried that? Not only is it hard to do, it's also surprisingly embarrassing. 

Charger inventer

Source: Reddit

Whoever invented this charger, which half covers another outlet when you plug it in, rendering it unusable, deserves to go to prison. This makes me unreasonably frustrated. 

Peanut butter and jelly criminal

Source: Reddit

Now, this is clearly the handiwork of a straight-up criminal. I can't even tell you, a literal shiver goes down my spine when I look at the bottom two photos. It's not right. It's not right at all. 

Googly eye perp

Source: Reddit

OK, I love this. Sure, this person is probably annoying the powers that be by placing googly eyes on everything, but offices can often be bland, soulless places, and googly eyes never fail to bring a smile to people's faces. 

Mac and cheese disrupter

Source: Reddit

This is needlessly cruel, but at least he didn't only put the raw noodle in his friend's bowl. At least he left it up to chance and it will possibly be he who suffers the unexpected crunch. 

Bubble tape murderer

Source: Reddit

As someone who loves following rules, this person, who chomped on a roll of Bubble Tape instead of rolling it out and biting off a strip, is the devil. I do not consort with such awful cheats. 

Word search frustrator

Source: Imgur

I love word searches and I would never in a million years want to sit down and try to solve this one. The reason word searches work and are fun is that we can recognize the series of letters that form words. This? This monstrosity is decidedly unfun.

Furniture alphabet jumbler

Source: Imgur

I tried to follow the alphabet from beginning to end and it just makes no sense. They tried to apply the letters in vertical rows, which is crazy because A- that's not how we read, and B- the rows are barely there. They really lose it between the I and the J. Just a mess.

Shelter dog namer

Source: Reddit

I'm not going to lie; Stripey is a cute name for a dog with spots. That being said, whoever named this dog is clearly trying to cause a ruckus, and they've certainly succeeded.

Rick rolling troublemaker

Source: Reddit

This person posted this picture and said they were about to Rick roll their entire school. Only a true heathen with total disregard for al human life would do such a thing. They'll have to cancel school. Send everyone home. Let students recover.

Cake-cutting scoundrel

Source: Imgur

Who in their right mind would dig into the very middle of a cake like that? The answer is, of course, only someone who is intent on watching the world go up in flames.  It's especially bad since a pattern of cake cutting had already been established!

Contact lens confuser

Source: Reddit

How does one live like this? Do you go by the side the lens is actually on or the cap?! I guess some people have the same prescription in both eyes, so maybe it doesn't matter for this person. But good god this is egregious.

Blank page writer

Source: Reddit

Official forms always seem to have these pages that are "intentionally left blank," except, of course, for the writing that tells you that the page is blank. Of course, it's not blank because it has writing on it. Why shouldn't we write on those pages?!

Milk / glue swapper

Source: Reddit

You know someone is going to not look, grab that gallon of glue, and not realize until they're pouring it on their cereal in the morning. Good thing it's the non-toxic kind for children.

Gumball / bouncing ball mixer

Source: Imgur

This is so mean! You won't know what you got until you try to take a bite or until you throw it on the floor to see if it bounces back up. Either way, if you guess wrong, you're bound to have a very disappointing experience.

Remote control designer

Source: Imgur

 Anyone who owns this remote control has probably been enormously mad every single time they've gone to press nine and gotten "page up" instead. Who would place the buttons like this? It's sadistic. 

Flash photographer

Source: Reddit

It's funny because someone clearly put their flash on to take this photo. Get it? Generally, I'm really against people using flash photography when they're told not to, but you can't beat the irony here.

Pineapple carver

Source: Reddit

Ostensibly, the dorm forbids students from carving pumpkins because the candle light from the jack-o'-lanterns is potentially unsafe. So this person, even though they technically followed the rules, is still creating a fire hazard, thus, they are someone who wants to watch the world (or maybe just their dorm) burn. I rest my case.

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