"These Are Pears From 1999" — Woman Finds Expired Food in Her Grandmother's Pantry

After finding the expired food in her grandmother's pantry, a woman concludes that anyone who eats the food and survives can live through anything.

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Sep. 15 2023, Updated 4:48 p.m. ET

For most folks, a trip to your grandparent's house involves showing them some love with hugs and kisses, enjoying delicious snack recipes, and catching them up on new developments in your life. Some people even reside with their grandparents, so they get to connect with them daily.

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However, some grandparents are guilty of being hoarders — from old clothing to collector’s items. And when one woman found tons of expired food in her grandmother's pantry, the feeling of surprise merely scratched the surface. Here’s the scoop.

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A woman finds tons of expired food in her grandmother’s pantry on TikTok.

Baby… there’s nothing wrong with letting go. In two TikTok videos shared by creator Karinne (@monogamy96), she revealed the contents of her grandmother’s pantry.

“My grandma is gonna kill me, but pears from 1999 are INSANE,” the video caption reads.

As the video starts, you can see a fully stocked pantry and a text overlay that reads, “Y’all, so I got curious at my grandma’s house and wanted to check how much expired food she had.”

Karinne proceeded to take us on a food journey, showing off the pantry filled with pasta, sauces, canned fruit, and more.

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“I want to check the dates and see how old this stuff is, because this is ridiculous,” Karinne said.

She started by showing a jar of Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Cream Cheese that has an expiration date of Dec. 27, 2014, a Jello Cherry Cheesecake package that has an April 2000 expiration date, and a jar of breadcrumbs with an expiration date of March 10, 2019.

Karinne continued her pursuit by showing the rest of her grandmother’s pantry.

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“See, the thing is, my grandmother has food,” Karinne said. “But if you eat any of this stuff, you might just die. Like, no cap.”

Karinne continued by showing more expired food items, including a can of pears with a 2002 expiration year, which she cites expired “before some of y’all were born.” She then showed a can of cranberry sauce with a November 2016 expiration date, and vegetarian vegetable soup, which she says her grandmother bought just to have since she’s not vegetarian.

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However, the most surprising discovery was a homemade pear mixture that was made in September 1999.

“No way in h--- somebody could eat this. First of all, where the f--- are the pears?” Karinne asked.

She proceeded to open the can and nearly gagged at the foul smell.

“This is insane,” Karinne said. “These are pears from 1999 that were canned. I gave them to my grandma. And it smells like death."

In the second video, she held up a can with a liquid and questioned its contents.

“If you eat this, you’re going to die,” Karinne said. If you survive from eating this, you can survive COVID-19. What is this? Eww”

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TikTok users are astonished by the food in the pantry.

As expected, the jokes immediately started to fly in the comment section — from folks calling the pears “sploosh” from the movie Holes to the pears turning into moonshine.

“The pears... are older than me,” one person commented.

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“That pantry is a biohazard,” another user said.

“LOL I need a video with you asking her about this, 'cause ain’t no way,” another user said.

Karinne has yet to confirm if a future video featuring her grandmother will come. However, it’s safe to assume that we all want to know how she allowed herself to keep food for years.

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