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Source: Twitter

Girl Hilariously Calls out Sister for Faking Hiking Photos for Instagram


"Don't believe everything you see on Instagram" seems to be the lesson of 2019. First, influencers were caught posing next to a serene blue lake that was actually a toxic waste dump. Now, one woman totally broke the sister code to call out her sibling for pretending to go hiking.

OK, I just have to say, I feel like every Instagram post where someone is hiking is fake. Unless your face is beet red and sweat is dripping from your nose and your legs are cut up and you look miserable, there's no way you are actually hiking. And no one on Instagram takes hiking pictures of themselves looking like that.

Second of all, if you're going to fake hiking pictures, you better be prepared to get caught. That's exactly what happened to Casey Sosnowski.

Source: Twitter