Sarah from 'FBoy Island'
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Did Any of the Women on 'FBoy Island' Really Find Love? Who's Still Together?

Sara Belcher - Author

Aug. 23 2021, Published 7:48 p.m. ET

(Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 of FBoy Island ahead.)

The inaugural season of the new HBO Max original FBoy Island saw three women choose a partner out of 24 men — 12 were nice guys and 12 were self-proclaimed FBoys. These women had to navigate the lies and deception of the FBoys on the island to find a nice guy to settle down with (or a reformed FBoy to put all her trust in).

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While Sarah Emig didn't walk away from the show in a relationship with any of her potential suitors after Garrett Morosky, the FBoy she chose to put her trust in, chose the $100,000 cash prize over a relationship with her, both Nakia Renee and CJ Franco found partners among the men vying for their affection. But are either of these couples from Season 1 still together?

CJ Franco and "New" Jarred Evans

CJ and Jarred
Source: HBO Max

After the connection CJ and Casey Johnson shared throughout the season deepened, viewers were positive she would go for the FBoy, despite him previously being eliminated before coming back. But in arguably the biggest twist of the season, CJ decided to choose Jarred, letting go of the up and down relationship she'd had in favor of a nice guy.

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While they haven't posted much together since the season finale, CJ confirmed that she's still with Jarred in a Q&A on her Instagram story, revealing they met up post-filming. They've also commented hearts on each other's posts since the season finale, suggesting they're going strong to this day.

Nakia Renee and "OG" Jared Motley

Nakia and OG Jared
Source: HBO Max

Like Sarah, Nakia took a risk in choosing an FBoy in the end, giving him the opportunity to split the $100,000 prize with her or keep it all to himself. But OG Jared shocked the audience when he stayed true to his word and agreed to split the prize with Nakia, choosing to continue their relationship beyond the island.

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While Nakia and OG Jared haven't posted photos together since leaving the island (and Nakia hasn't addressed if they're together still), she did make a post the day of the season finale shading those who criticized her for picking OG Jared over nice guy Fernando Titus. It's safe to say, wherever they stand now, Nakia is confident in her final decision.

Garrett Morosky and Casey Johnson

Source: Instagram

OK, so Garrett and Casey didn't actually leave the island in a relationship, but their bromance was one of the strongest connections of the season. At the end of the season finale, an end card said Garrett couldn't sponsor Casey's move (since the $100,000 he was supposed to have won for ending things with Sarah was instead donated to charity), but the two boys have seen each other since the season ended.

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You really shouldn't be surprised that their bond lasted long after filming wrapped. On Instagram, Garrett made a heartfelt post the first time he and Casey got together — proving the bromance lives on.

"Honestly bro I thought you were a goof," Garrett wrote of meeting Casey for the first time. "Then after calling each others [sic] room every day for 18 days straight and scheming about [FBoy Island] you reminded me so much of my little cousin. You have a huge heart and you literally had me peeing laughing the entire time we were filming. You even taught me some things about myself that I was never aware of. You hold me accountable to be a better human and for that I will always have your back."

Season 1 of FBoy Island is now streaming on HBO Max.

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