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The Latest 'Love Island USA' Recoupling Sends Yet Another Day 1 Islander Home (SPOILERS)

Shannon Raphael - Author

Aug. 5 2022, Updated 12:24 p.m. ET

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 4 of Love Island USA.

Love Island USA returned for a fourth season (which is the first to air on Peacock!) on July 19, and the drama kicked off shortly thereafter among the islanders.

Every few days, a recoupling happens, which is when either the guys or the ladies take control. They get to decide who they want to share a bed with, and who they want to compete alongside in challenges.

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For the islanders who are developing feelings for more than one person, the recouplings can be very emotionally-heightened. Many past recouplings have led to explosive fights, tear-filled conversations, and heated chats.

Who recoupled on Love Island USA Season 4? Keep scrolling to find out the current couples — and to learn who has been dumped from the island thus far.

Source: Peacock
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Who recoupled on 'Love Island USA' Season 4?

After the 10 original islanders coupled up on Day 1, the Bombshell contestants began to arrive. The Bombshells are there to stir things up, and to potentially break up the already-existing couples.

The arrival of the Bombshells often means that a recoupling is looming, and that the islanders are at risk to be dumped.

Thus far, Bombshells Valerie Bragg and Tyler Radziszewski have been sent home, and Day 1 islanders Felipe Gomes and Sereniti Springs have also been dumped.

The current couples include:

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1. Zeta Morrison Timmy Pandolfi

Source: Peacock

After briefly splitting up to pursue separate connections with Bria Bryant and Jeff Christian Jr., Timmy and Zeta finally reunited during the third official recoupling.

Now that they are officially back in a couple, Zeta and Timmy can move from the outside daybeds back to a real bed.

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2. Deb Chubb and Jesse Bray

Source: Instagram

Though Deb and Jesse also initially coupled up together, Day 1 Bombshell Valerie Bragg briefly stole the Houston-based courier. After telling both Deb and Valerie the same things, Jesse had to decide which woman he wanted to continue to get to know.

He wanted to further his connection with Deb, and he picked her during the first official re-coupling. Deb returned the favor by picking Jesse during the second one (even after he kissed Sereniti during the previous challenge).

The two stayed together yet again during the third recoupling.

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3. Bryce Fins and Courntey Boerner

Source: Peacock

Courtney had been forming a connection with fellow Day 1 islander, Felipe Gomes, but she felt an emotional attraction to Bryce when he entered the villa.

Once Courtney chose to recouple with Bryce, it meant that Felipe's time in the villa was over. The pair stayed together when it was the guys' turn to choose on the Aug. 4 episode.

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4. Katherine "Kat" Gibson and Chazz Bryant

Source: Peacock

Chazz had been giving all of his attention to Sereniti, but he didn't feel like it was being reciprocated. When Bombshell Kat promised the 21-year-old athlete that she would appreciate his gestures, he made a surprising decision to recouple with her.

Chazz's choice meant that Sereniti didn't have anyone to couple up with.

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5. Jared Hassim and Mady McLanahan

Source: Peacock

After Andy was dumped from the island, Mady had to start over in her Love Island USA journey. Thankfully, Bombshell Jared soon showed up, and he asked her out on a date.

The two will continue to explore their connection now that they are coupled up.

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6. Isaiah Campbell and Sydney Paight

Source: Peacock

Isaiah and Sydney briefly split up when the latter islander was in a couple with Andy. Though Sydney did originally want to give Andy a shot, she later came to the conclusion that her feelings for Isaiah were too strong.

Though both Nadjha and Kat took Isaiah out on dates when they joined the cast, the waiter recognized that his connection with Sydney was still the strongest. He chose to stay in a couple with her during the third official recoupling.

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7. Nadjha Day and Jeff Christian Jr.

Source: Peacock

Nadjha was one of three Bombshells to enter the villa on the Aug. 3 episode, and she quickly caught Jeff's eye. Though she also wanted to get to know Isaiah, Nadjha was excited to get to know Jeff as well.

He chose to recouple with her at the end of the Aug. 4 episode.

New episodes of Love Island USA Season 4 drop on Peacock at 9 p.m. ET on Tuesday nights through Sunday nights.

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