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Who Was Dumped from the Villa on 'Love Island USA' Season 4? (SPOILERS)

Shannon Raphael - Author

Aug. 9 2022, Updated 2:34 p.m. ET

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 4 of Love Island USA.

The debut season of Peacock's version of Love Island USA premiered on July 19, and, though many changes were made to the look of the show, the main format is largely the same. The dating series is all about finding love, but, along the way, the islanders who fail to re-couple — or who don't win over the public — will be sent home (aka dumped).

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The 10 original stars on Season 4 first got together based off of initial attraction on the premiere. The Bombshells then began to enter the villa, and, since then, new couples have formed, others have broken up, and a few islanders have been dumped.

Who has been dumped from Love Island USA thus far? Keep reading for the full recap.

1. Valerie Bragg

Source: Peacock

Valerie entered the show as one of the two Day 1 Bombshells, and she quickly connected with Jesse Bray, Felipe Gomes, and Isaiah Campbell. When Valerie and fellow Bombshell, Mady McLanahan, were asked to re-couple with two of the boys, Mady picked Andy Voyen, while Valerie went with her gut and chose Jesse.

Though Jesse was initially interested in getting to know Valerie, he eventually realized that he had a stronger bond with the person he originally coupled up with, Deb Chubb.

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Valerie ended up going on a date with Tyler Radziszewski, the first male Bombshell of the season, but he had a stronger connection with Sereniti Springs.

During the first full-cast re-coupling of the season, Andy shocked his fellow islanders by picking Sydney Paight (instead of Mady, who he was already coupled up with). Isaiah was put on the spot once Sydney was taken, and he decided to pick Mady at the last minute.

Once Tyler solidified his connection with Sereniti by picking her, Valerie was the only woman not chosen to be in a couple.

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The nutritional consultant was bummed that her experience on Love Island USA was so short.

"I'm just sad that the experience ended so soon. I'm leaving with friendships, a lot of growth," Valerie said as she was leaving the villa. "I feel like a new woman, and I'm just excited to take everything that I learned through this experience into the outside world. I'm still looking for the one. I'm single, so boys, don't be scared to slide in my DMs."

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2. Tyler Radziszewski

Source: Peacock

After siblings Bria and Chazz Bryant entered the villa, they were tasked with picking an islander for their sibling to couple up with. Chazz picked Timmy for Bria, while Bria selected Sereniti for her brother.

The change meant that Tyler and Zeta, who were originally coupled up with Sereniti and Timmy, respectively, were vulnerable. The remaining islanders were asked to save only one of the two. They all voted to keep Zeta, who had been on the show since Day 1.

Like Val, Tyler also felt like his experience on the show had been cut short.

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3. Felipe Gomes

Source: Peacock

Though Day 1 islanders Felipe and Courtney Boerner had developed a connection during the first week, things changed when Bombshell Bryce Fins entered the villa.

Courtney, who felt like her conversations with Felipe were often one-sided, enjoyed her emotional connection to Bryce. During the second official re-coupling, she picked Bryce, which meant that Felipe was dumped.

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4. Bria Bryant

Source: Peacock

When the public voted for their favorite couples, Timmy and Bria and Andy and Mady ended up being the bottom two pairs. The islanders were then asked to choose one guy and one girl to go home.

Because Bria was a later arrival, the ladies sent her home. She left the island without her younger brother, Chazz.

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6. Andy Voyen

Source: Peacock

Andy was the second victim in the post-public vote dumping. The Day 1 islander had been connecting with Mady throughout his time in the villa, but Timmy's connection with Zeta was too strong to justify his elimination.

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7. Sereniti Springs

Source: Peacock

During her time in the villa, Sereniti became one of the clear fan favorites of the season, which is why viewers were so surprised when Chazz decided to couple up with Bombshell Kat Gibson at the end of the Aug. 4 episode.

Chazz's shock decision meant that Sereniti was the only woman left without a partner.

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8. Bryce Fins

Source: Peacock

Right before Casa Amor began, the islanders had to dump two of their co-stars. The four least popular guys and the four least popular ladies were all vulnerable. Though Bryce's connection with Courtney was strong, Zeta, Deb, and Sydney decided to send him home instead of one of the other guys.

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9. Mady McLanahan

Source: Peacock

Mady wasn't exactly dumped from the villa, as she chose to walk away from the show on her own terms. She noted that she was struggling to get to know the other guys because she still had feelings for Andy, and that she wanted the other ladies to get another chance to stay.

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Who will be the next islander to go home? You'll have to tune in to find out.

New episodes of Love Island USA Season 4 drop on Peacock at 9 p.m. ET on Tuesdays through Sundays.

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