Flat Earthers Freak out About a Page in a Preschool Textbook

A flat Earther parent posted a page from their child's preschool science text book in a group with other flat Earthers, and they went off.

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Apr. 21 2020, Updated 4:12 p.m. ET

Flat Earthers are definitely something. They are adamant in their belief that the Earth is flat. These are otherwise regular adults who have jobs and families. They probably travel on boats and by plane and have seen the horizon. Yet they persist in their wrong convictions, and it's a bit shocking to realize that they are passing down these beliefs to their children. 

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Recently, a flat Earther posted a page from their child's textbook in a Facebook group for fellow flat Earthers. This isn't a high school textbook. It's not a complex explanation of the orbit of the Earth and the cycles of the moon. It's a preschool book containing a simplistic explanation of how we've gone to the moon. It features a cartoon astronaut standing on the moon and a circular Earth in the background. Needless to say, the flat Earthers did not take kindly to this. 

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"Some people have been to the moon. They are called astronauts," this school book reads. "They found out that the moon is made up of rocks and soil. There is no air there. The moon does not have its own light. It gets its light from the sun. That is why moonlight is not as warm as sunlight."

There doesn't seem to be much to complain about here. It's... it's all true. Sure, it's simplistic. Sure, the illustration probably isn't 100 percent accurate. But flat Earthers were not happy. The parent who posted it wrote, "This is my daughter's book in preschool. Oh my! What I'm gonna do." Others also totally flipped out in the comment section. 

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"This is brainwashing. It is evil," one very dramatic person wrote. Many encouraged this parent to yank their child out of school and start homeschooling her so they can't "indoctrinate" their children. 

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It's a little unclear what the flat Earthers would object to on this page, other than the very obviously round Earth depicted in the corner of the illustration. Do flat Earthers also believe that we didn't go to the moon? 

If you read about the moon's appearance on the Flat Earth Society website, it says, "Astronomers have indulged in imagination to such a degree that the moon is now considered to be a solid, opaque spherical world, having mountains, valleys, lakes, or seas, volcanic craters, and other conditions analogous to the surface of the Earth." Ah, so they object to pretty much the entire idea of the moon. Cool cool cool. 

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Flat Earthers are extremely melodramatic. It's amazing that they believe that NASA is a grand conspiracy of lies, that our entire society has agreed to perpetuate "lies" about the composition of our world. Why?! What would be the purpose about lying about all this?

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When you think about how this poor kid... and all the kids of the flat Earthers in this group, are being fed these lies, it's easy to see how these ideas spread. Young kids are growing up trusting that their parents are telling them the truth! You can't blame small children for believing what their parents tell them. 

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Other commenters suggested reading the bible to their child and praying for her. Some flat Earther parents are conflicted about letting their children attend school and claim they will "give them the truth" when they are a little older.

I couldn't imagine being a teacher and having to deal with kids who come to school insisting that the Earth is flat and that all the pictures we have of the moon are fabricated by the government. What does one even do in that situation?

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