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Source: Reddit

Flat Earthers Freak out About a Page in a Preschool Textbook


Flat Earthers are definitely something. They are adamant in their belief that the Earth is flat. These are otherwise regular adults who have jobs and families. They probably travel on boats and by plane and have seen the horizon. Yet they persist in their wrong convictions, and it's a bit shocking to realize that they are passing down these beliefs to their children. 

Recently, a flat Earther posted a page from their child's textbook in a Facebook group for fellow flat Earthers. This isn't a high school textbook. It's not a complex explanation of the orbit of the Earth and the cycles of the moon. It's a preschool book containing a simplistic explanation of how we've gone to the moon. It features a cartoon astronaut standing on the moon and a circular Earth in the background. Needless to say, the flat Earthers did not take kindly to this. 

Source: Reddit