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Take This Job and Shove It: 15 Outrageous Resignation Letters


No matter how much you hate your job, it's usually advisable to be as professional as possible when tendering your resignation. After all, you never know when you'll need a recommendation from someone within the organization — not to mention, future employers can contact pretty much anyone they want from your job history, whether you've listed them as a reference or not.

These 15 people definitely didn't heed that sage career advice, but as lacking as their resignations are in tact and decorum they more than make up for in chutzpah and laughs.

These shoes were made for walking

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Sometimes a bad boss can push you to your limit, but it's rare for all the staff to reach that breaking point at the same time. From the looks of things, these three retail employees had it with their abusive boss and made it known by quitting together and leaving the store closed for business along with the following note:

"Dear Jamie, Since you decided to say "cancer is not an excuse" and think it's OK to swear at your employees like you do ALL the time... WE QUIT. THIS is why you can't keep a store manager longer than a year. YOU ABUSE your roll [sic[ and staff. Enjoy the fact that you lost a store manager, co-manager, and key holder in the middle of back to school. Think next time you treat people the way you do. We aren't allowing it anymore. Niki, Jess, TJ."

You had me at "cancer is not an excuse," Niki, Jess and TJ.