George Santos "Hard Launched" His Husband in a Tweet and the Internet Went Wild

George Santos may have just hard launched his husband Matt Santos on Twitter. Who is he? Here's what we could find out about Matt!

Allison Hunt - Author

Nov. 2 2023, Published 10:13 p.m. ET

George Santos and his husband Matt
Source: Twitter/@repsantosNY03

The Gist:

  • George Santos tweeted about him and his husband, Matt.
  • Twitter went crazy about the "hard launch."
  • George and his husband got married in November 2021.
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Launching a significant other on social media is a big deal. It isn't only saying to your person that, "Yes, I want to be with you," but it's announcing to all your followers that you are with this person... making it very noticeable when you deleted all the pictures and never posted about them again when you inevitably break up. (Kidding of course. We love love here at Distractify.)

So natural when the ever controversial republican Congressman low key hard launched not only a boyfriend, but a full on husband in a tweet, the internet went wild.

Who is George Santos's husband? Here's what we could find out!

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George Santos's husband is a man named Matt!

In a tweet in response to the passing of Senator Dianne Feinstein, George wrote, "My husband Matt and I are heart broken by the news of the passing of Senator Feinstein. Sen. Feinstein was a trail blazer who dedicated over 30 years of service to her country. Our condolences to the Feinstein family as they grief this grave loss."

The part that people freaked about about was "My husband Matt," who up until this point had hardly if at all been mentioned. One user jokingly asked, "Did George Santos just hard launch his husband ... with the passing of Senator Feinstein?"

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George took to Twitter again to set the record straight tweeting:

"For those wondering and going nuts, this is Matt my husband since Nov. 2021… I’m not sure where all the 'hard launch' comments came from. Or maybe it’s just that people are starting to understand they got played by the media with all the nonsense they wrote about me? Nonetheless, have a fantastic time pretending the media depiction of me is correct. Picture taken Nov. 2022 during new member orientation at Statuary Hall."

George and Matt's marriage has been kept pretty under wraps although The Messenger did mention that, "Santos has previously mentioned his marriage." So, George being married wasn't news for some people.

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Not much is known about Matt, and his Instagram is kept noticeably private, but the bio does state that he is Brazilian. George also tweeted back on Jan. 2, 2021, that Matt was a pharmacist, although he was fired.

The tweet reads, "My fiancé & I had to leave our home this evening with our 4 dogs thanks to the @nytimes publishing of my Instagram showing me attending the #MarALago New Year’s Eve party. My fiancé a pharmacist who worked 12h/7days shifts for 9 months was fired! The violence against us is real."

The Advocate looked into this, and wasn't able to find any pharmacy licenses under Matt's name. We aren't saying this tweet was a lie, but George is known to be a liar, and is currently being indicted for 23 different federal charges, so if the shoe fits.

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