TikTok's Gibberish Challenge Is the App's Most Hilarious Word Game

Sara Belcher - Author

Apr. 17 2020, Updated 12:25 p.m. ET

tiktok gibberish challenge
Source: TikTok

The popular video-sharing app TikTok is home to countless trends and challenges — some good and some really bad. But participating in any of the challenges on the app is a good way to get more views and potentially end up on the coveted "For You" page that rocketed most of the app's stars to their internet fame.

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But if you're not into learning any of the dances the app is famous for (though be honest, they're not that hard to learn) or trying to get high off nutmeg (just please don't), the gibberish challenge is a good way to make funny content and get your profile noticed.

tiktok gibberish
Source: TikTok
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The TikTok gibberish challenge is like a game of Mad Gab.

TikTok's gibberish challenge is really just a virtual game of Mad Gab that you can play by yourself. When using the filter required to play, it displays a set of words that you need to sound out to find the real phrase. You only have 10 seconds to make your guess before the timer runs out.

Users on TikTok are even sharing tips on how to decipher the gibberish easier. User @thybloodoflkaren shares if you pronounce the words with a dramatic Italian accent, you can sound out the phrase much easier — though the fails are arguably the funniest ones on the app.

The common phrases range from simple "fist-bumping" and "too much information" to pop culture references like "Dora the Explorer." Most are pretty easy to guess, though others don't make any sense at all. 

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There are already thousands of videos under the hashtag #gibberishchallenge. Even if you're not looking to try it for yourself, the videos offer countless laughs on their own.

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How to do the gibberish challenge using a filter on Instagram:

While the trend is taking off on TikTok, the gibberish challenge is actually an Instagram filter. To make your own video, you'll need to have an Instagram account.

Finding the filter is actually pretty easy. All you need to do is access the "search" in the filters by scrolling all the way to the right. Once you access the search feature, type "gibberish" into the search bar and it should be the first option the comes up for filters.

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You'll need to record the video in Instagram stories to be able to share them on your TikTok. If you don't want to share your attempts at speaking gibberish with your Instagram followers, don't worry – you can just save the video to your phone before posting by using the "save" button at the bottom of the screen.

You can upload more than one video in your camera roll to a TikTok, just select them in the order you want them to appear in the video when selecting videos from your camera roll. TikTok will give you an option to edit your video before you post it, where you can add a fun background sound if you'd like or any of their filters.

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