These 21 'Fortnite' Gifts Are Better Than a Victory Royale

Sara Belcher - Author

Dec. 13 2023, Published 6:47 p.m. ET

Characters in 'Fortnite'
Source: Epic Games

Since its release in 2017, Fortnite has become one of the most-played battle royale games on the market. Its ever-shifting lore has captivated players, and it saw a huge surge in active players when the developers temporarily brought back the OG Fortnite map.

Despite its popularity, it's not for everyone — so if you have a Fortnite player in your life who needs a gift, this list is a great place to get started.

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A V-Bucks gift card

$31.99 on Amazon

We'll start the list off with the easiest gift to get any Fortnite player — V-Bucks. This in-game currency is used to buy everything from the seasonal battle pass to cosmetics in the shop, and they're bound to be used by your favorite player in an instant.

Official 'How to Draw' books

$9.99 on Amazon

Get the aspiring artist in your life the official How to Draw books, showing them step-by-step how to recreate some of their favorite characters from the games. Fan art is a great introduction for novice illustrators, and these books will encourage them to spend some time away from the screen.

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Boogie Bomb

$14.99 on Amazon

Inspired by the in-game bomb, this toy lights up like the real deal, and even emits sound like the real Boogie Bomb would.

'How to Make a Video Game All By Yourself'

$14 on Amazon

Though this how-to guide won't get your gamer off their computer, you may just begin a life-long creative love with this book. Making a video game is no easy feat, but even the most novice of developers can get started with the right kind of guidance.

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Battle Bus neon light

$21.99 on Amazon

This neon light is a great way to add a little personality to your gamer's setup, and the light comes in multiple customizable colors, allowing it to adjust as their setup changes and morphs.

Victory Royale t-shirt

$16.98+ on Amazon

Let the gamer show off what a champ they are with this Victory Royale tee.

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Tomatohead loot plush

$12.99 on Amazon

For the Fortnite player who also has a soft spot for plushies, this Tomatohead one is a great start to build their Fortnite collection.

Where we landing mug

$15 on Etsy

Every battle starts by deciding where to land and begin scouting for weapons and items — and every good day should start with this mug.

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Mini victory crown

$34 on Etsy

This mini crown is a real-life version of the in-game one players are rewarded with when they win a match — and though it's too small to be worn regularly, it's a fun keepsake to keep in a gamer's collection.

'Fortnite: The Chronicle'

$12.99 on Amazon

The lore of Fortnite is ever-changing and evolving, and no matter how long your gamer has been playing, there's bound to be some pieces of lore they've missed in the game's tenure. This book highlights plenty of key moments since the first Chapter of Fortnite began in 2017, and it may help your favorite player pick up easter eggs in future seasons.

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V-buck coasters

$19 on Etsy

Coasters are a gift that doesn't have to match a room's aesthetic and are also a household item many forego picking up over other, more pressing home items. This set of coasters looks like V-Bucks, and it can even be customized to include the player's gamertag on it. Great for keeping their desk free from staining and water rings.

A hoodie blanket

$24.99 on Amazon

Gaming is much better when you're comfortable — and this Fortnite hoodie blanket will keep your gamer warm and cozy.

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Custom portrait

$30.86+ on Etsy

A custom portrait is a way to bring life to their favorite game, and if you and your Fortnite fan share a love for the game, getting a custom portrait in the game's style is a heartfelt gift.

Nerf guns

$21.99 on Amazon

When your Fortnite player has had too much time in front of the screen, let them play Fortnite in real life with these Nerf guns.

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Marshmallow controller stand

$39 on Etsy

OK, so Marshmallow is not an original character in the game, but his icon skin has become a staple for players. Let your Fortnite player display their controller with the music icon in between matches.

'Fortnite' dance wall decals

$11.99 on Amazon

These decals are an easy way to add personality to a room, featuring various Fortnite dances.

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A custom neon sign of their gamer tag

$17.69+ on Etsy

Neon signs are a staple for many gamers, and getting them a custom one with their gamer tag will feel like a truly unique gift.

'The Science of Fortnite' by James Daley

$14.99 on Amazon

For the Fortnite player who wants to know where some of the funky weapons and loot come from, this book breaks down the real-life origins of many of the in-game items.

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Fishstick t-shirt

$23.50 on Amazon

Fishstick is one of the iconic NPCs in Fortnite, and this t-shirt is stylized enough that it won't immediately read as a piece of merch to non-gamers.

Toon Mewoscles Funko Pop

$15.82 on Amazon

Funko Pops are huge with gamers, and this one of Meowscles (one of the in-game NPCs) is a great start to any collection.

Llama PopSocket

$14.99 on Amazon

For the gamer playing Fortnite on their phone or tablet, a PopSocket will help them stand their device up while they play.

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