New 'Fortnite' Season 3 Quest Requires You to Reveal Opponents or Characters — Here's How

Revealing enemy players or characters in 'Fortnite' can be dicey amid heated firefights. Thankfully, there are ways to do this for the new quests.

Anthony Jones - Author

Jun. 23 2023, Published 2:04 p.m. ET

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From searching chests on the Island to landing headshots, the current Week 3 quests amid the jungle-themed Season 3 in Fortnite should keep you busy.

Weekly challenges are nothing new to the battle royale title, providing some freshness to plunging into matches and dangling in-game goodies as a reward for completing them.

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Most Week 3 quests are simple objectives from previous weeks mixed in with activities exclusive to Season 3, like opening vaults with Vault Keycards or sliding while covered in mud. Fortnite also tasks you with revealing enemy players or characters during a match in Week 3.

Finishing this objective can be tricky if you don't know how to do this. For those struggling, here are some pointers on revealing opponents or characters in Fortnite.

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How to reveal enemy players or characters in 'Fortnite.'

As of this writing, there are two methods to reveal enemy players or characters in Fortnite. A sure way to ping multiple opponents at once is by claiming a Capture Point near the start of a match.

Since the release of Chapter 4, Capture Points have been scattered all over the Island. Players can claim these points to access unique loot to give them an edge early in or mark nearby enemy players.

If you're bold enough, diving into points of interest such as Shattered Slabs and Brutal Bastion — which usually attract players in droves — could be the ideal spots to claim a Capture Point to finish the quest.

Although, keep in mind that it will be difficult if you're not fond of jumping head-first into firefights since you'll have to wait near the Capture Point for a while before claiming it. Once yours, players will get revealed for 30 seconds.

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A much safer way to reveal enemy players is using a Flare Gun found randomly inside boxes and on the ground. You could also buy one from Peely north of Shady Stilts for 400 Gold Bars.

With it equipped, you can fire a projectile to reveal enemy players or characters within a 50m radius for 30 seconds.

Flare Guns have six shots, so you have room to fire in one section of the Island and later elsewhere to build toward completing the weekly challenge.

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After revealing the required number of players, you will get 40,000 XP to add to your Battle Pass.

In terms of which method works best, it depends on how aggressively you play Fortnite. But no matter which way, you will ultimately reveal enough players by smartly using Capture Points and Flare Guns.

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