Defeating a Hinox in 'Tears of the Kingdom' Gives You Tons of Resources – Here’s Where to Find Them

Hinox locations in 'Tears of the Kingdom' are scattered across Hyrule, and they drop valuable tools and resources. Here’s where you’ll find them all.

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Jun. 22 2023, Published 3:49 p.m. ET

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There are tons of fearsome enemies in Tears of the Kingdom, but few are as deadly as the lumbering Hinox. Taking these beasts down is no small task, but your efforts will be rewarded with heaps of resources that can be used to upgrade your gear, cook delicious food, or sold for tons of rupees.

You can locate a Hinox throughout Hyrule, and since they have set spawn locations, they’re fairly easy to farm. Here’s a look at all Hinox locations in Tears of the Kingdom.

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All Hinox locations in 'Tears of the Kingdom.'

Hinox can be found in most parts of Hyrule. Before you venture out in search of them, be sure you have a good sword, a durable shield, lots of arrows, and plenty of food. These beasts aren’t easy to take down — and unless you want to see the "Game Over" screen, it pays to show up prepared.

Once you’re ready to fight, here’s every Hinox location in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Hinox LocationCoordinates
Upland Lindor -2730, 1340, 0160
Ludfo's Bog -2225, 0750, 0102
Dalite Forest -2197, -0825, 0110
Hebra Headspring -2823, 2443, 0400
Aldor Foothills -0414, 2009, 0176
Trilby Plain 1311, 0905, 0027
Rodai Lakefront Tunnel 1890, -3120, 0135
Irch Plain -0735, 1257, 0080
Blatchery Plain 2057, -1979, 0020
Batrea Lake0695, -1072, 0009
Rowain Plain-1243, 2099, 0105
Lake Siela 1468, -1330, 0105
Carok Bridge -1075, 0460, 0035

Blue Hinox LocationsCoordinates
Ulria Grotto East Cave 4515, 0705, 0098
Hebra North Crest -3630, 3805, 0310
Grinnden Plains -0812, -3030, 0119
Ebon Mountain 3165, 2590, 0105
Dalite Forest -2017, -1210, 0101
Ruto Precipice 3400, 0266, 0247
Dueling Peaks 1275, -2181, 0250
Corta Lake 1679, -3041, 0165
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Black Hinox LocationsCoordinates
Jia Highlands 1548, -2410, 0192
Aris Beach 1705, -3878, 0002
Harker Lake 1100, -2971, 0070
Meadala's Mantle -4202, -1299, 0430
Calora Lake 2021, -3170, 0180
Lomei Labyrinth Island 4655, 3707, 0130
Malin Bay 4635, 1790, 0030
East Deplian Badlands 0841, 3363, 0205

How to defeat a Hinox in 'Tears of the Kingdom'.

Fighting a Hinox isn't easy, but there are plenty of ways you can even the odds and emerge victorious. The first thing you'll want to do is fire an arrow toward its eye. Hit it while it's open, and you'll stun the beast. Use this time to get close and unleash your most devastating attacks.

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After a few shots to the eye, the Hinox will start to keep its eye closed (or protected with its hand). It'll usually drop its guard later on, so try to bide your time and wait for an opening. While you wait, consider using some of your Sage abilities to deal extra damage. Riju and Yunobo are both great for this task.

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You should also consider using a fast, one-handed weapon for this battle. This allows you to get in and deal quick damage while the Hinox is stunned, then get out of the way when it stands back up. A two-handed weapon might be a bit slow for this.

Once you've brought down the Hinox, you'll be rewarded with tons of loot. Hinox drop items such as Hinox Tooth, Hinox Guts, Hinox Toenail, Hinox Horn, and other resources. Consider farming them for parts once you have a weapon that deals more than 40 damage, as you should be able to make quick work of the deadly beasts.

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