This 'Tears of the Kingdom' Player Is Attempting to Beat Every Boss Without Touching the Ground

This legendary 'Tears of the Kingdom' player is taking down every boss in the game without ever setting foot on the ground. Their latest target? King Gleeok.

Jon Bitner - Author

Jun. 13 2023, Published 3:19 p.m. ET

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom isn’t an easy game — but you’d think otherwise after watching the latest video series from TikTok creator Shivainu77, as they attempt to defeat every single boss without ever touching the ground.

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While they’re only on day four of their mission, they’ve already pulled off some incredible feats. The battle against King Gleeok might be the most impressive, however, as they decimate the high-level enemy while taking barely any damage (and without ever touching the ground).

To do this, they start by jumping off a flotation device perched high in the air.

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Next, they dive straight down toward King Gleeok. As they approach the enemy, they pull out their bow to slow down time and fuse a Silver Lynel Saber Horn to their arrow. These deal massive damage to the Gleeok, and take down a significant chunk of its health bar.

Things only get more intense, however, as they next open their inventory and drop handfuls of Time Bombs on their enemy. Combined with the arrows, these are coming close to taking down the Gleeok.

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Shivainu77 then uses a Spring Shield to boost themselves back into the air (they’ve come remarkably close to touching the ground), before ending the assault with a few more well-placed shots.

Taking down the King Gleeok is a massive undertaking, and this is arguably one of the most impressive ways we’ve seen the beast go down.

King Gleeok is the fourth boss taken down in this fashion. The series began with the Obsidian Frox, which was dispatched in just a few seconds using well-placed arrows fused with White-Maned Lynel Mace Horns. The series then moved on to a Hinox, defeating it largely in the same fashion.

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Things became a bit more hectic for day three, which saw Link facing off against Molduga. This required Shivainu77 to carefully aim at its open mouth as Link fell from the sky — although they’re once again able to take down the beast before setting foot on solid ground.

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It’ll be interesting where the series goes moving forward, as King Gleeok is arguably one of the most challenging bosses in all of Tears of the Kingdom. It’s also worth noting that all the bosses defeated so far can be found in the open world, unlike dungeon bosses, which often appear in much smaller rooms.

Zelda fans seem to be impressed with the fights so far, with commenters praising the incredible, creative tactics.

“Bro styling on King Gleeok while I barely scratch the Ice Gleeok in North Hebra,” wrote one user. Another said that Shivainu77 didn’t even need to waste their time bombs, as they had the fight in the bag before they even started dropping the valuable items.

With tons of other bosses roaming around Hyrule, there’s plenty of content for this series to pull from moving forward. It’s unclear if dungeon bosses like Colgera or Marbled Gohma will make their way onto the list, but no doubt this is a series to keep your eyes on.

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