Treasure Maps in 'Tears of the Kingdom' Lead You to Valuable Loot — Here’s Where to Find Them

Treasure maps make it easy to locate cool new gear in 'Tears of the Kingdom.' Here’s where you’ll find all the Old Maps.

Jon Bitner - Author

Jun. 22 2023, Updated 3:52 p.m. ET

Link fighting an enemy in Tears of the Kingdom.
Source: Nintendo

There are tons of secrets to discover in Tears of the Kingdom, and Old Maps are your key to finding them all. Commonly referred to as treasure maps, locating an Old Map produces an indicator on your map that leads you to a powerful item. And since Hyrule is so massive, this is one of the easiest ways to find its most elusive gear.

Here’s a look at all treasure map locations in Tears of the Kingdom.

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All treasure map locations in 'Tears of the Kingdom.'

Treasure maps are frequently found in the Sky Islands floating high above Hyrule. Treasure maps are typically hidden in chests, so if you spot one in the distance while flying up in the sky, there’s a good chance one is inside. To help you locate them with ease, here’s a look at treasure map locations in Tears of the Kingdom.

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TreasureOld Map Location
Trousers of the Hero -1455, -1585, 1220
Cape of the Hero -1345, -1547, 0800
Tunic of Time1852, -0980, 0928
Trousers of Time 1815, -1325, 0890
Tunic of the Sky 1650, -2190, 0565
Trousers of the Sky 0954, -3112, 0755
Cap of the Sky 1135, -3273, 0755
Biggoron’s Sword 1809, 1014, 1183
Trousers of Twilight 4267, 3110, 0783
Cap of Twilight 3285, 3445, 0795
Tunic of Twilight 3660, 1800, 0990
Ravio's Hood -1648, 3508, 0747

Trousers of the Wind 3690, 0593, 1245
Cap of the Wind 3201, 0598, 1417
Tunic of the Wind 3167, 0459, 0935
Miner’s Mask -3470, 3520, 0930
Miner’s Top -3860, 2922, 0747
Midna’s Helmet 4660, -0870, 1760
Sea-Breeze Shield 2644, -1415, 1477
Sea-Breeze Boomerang 2160, -2592, 1260
Zant’s Helmet 4750, -0777, 1864
Sword of the Hero -1955, -1810, 1165
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Keep in mind that these coordinates will bring you to the location of an Old Map. In turn, these Old Maps will point you in the direction of the treasure listed in the first column.

You also might need to overcome a variety of puzzles or defeat various enemies to access the Old Maps. Many of these are located on Sky Islands — so consider building a Zonai vehicle or use Recall on a fallen stone to quickly get to their location.

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Thankfully, you won’t have to collect any Old Maps to beat Ganondorf and save Hyrule. In fact, you can make it through the entire game without touching a treasure map. But if you’re looking for some of the coolest gear available to you, tracking down all Old Map locations is worth the effort.

Be sure to bring a few durable shields with you, along with a good weapon or two, as you’ll often encounter high-level enemies when moving toward the ‘X’ on my map. But with a bit of luck (and a lot of patience), it’s possible to snag every Old Map in Tears of the Kingdom.

Note: This list is a work in progress. Check back for updates as we unlock more locations.

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