Avengers, Assemble! Here Are 25 Gifts for the Marvel Fan in Your Life

Trying to think of a unique gift for the Marvel fan in your life? We've assembled a Marvel gift guide with 25 unique ideas.

Katherine Stinson - Author

Dec. 13 2021, Published 1:55 p.m. ET

The Marvel Studios logo
Source: YouTube/@dreepss

Just like Thor's legendary hammer, Mjolnir, Marvel Studios came back full swing in 2021. We've compiled a guide of 25 gifts that will be sure to thrill Marvel fans this holiday season.

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Find your inner Scarlet Witch.

The Scarlet Witch tiara ring
Source: Etsy

Wanda Maximoff's evolution into the Scarlet Witch was one of the most iconic Marvel moments of 2021. Embrace your inner power or encourage a loved one to feel confident with the Scarlet Witch tiara ring. The two-piece ring comes in sterling silver, Rose Gold, and 18K Gold, and is quite reasonably priced.

Price: $42.37 for the silver ring on Etsy

Harness the power of the Infinity Stones.

The Lego Infinity Gauntlet
Source: Amazon

It's been three years since Thanos snapped away half of the universe, and people still aren't over it: this Lego Infinity Gauntlet is constantly going in and out of stock, so grab yours while you still can! It even comes with a display stand.

Price: $68.36 on Amazon

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Groove along with Baby Groot.

The Baby Groot phone case
Source: Redbubble

Do you know someone who has baby (Groot) fever? Then treat them to the "Babies Inspired Silhouette" iPhone case. Not only do you get dancing Baby Groot, but you get bonus Baby Yoda/Grogu too. OK, Baby Yoda isn't in the MCU, but we'd totally be down for a cute crossover special.

Price: $22.75 on Redbubble

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Brush up on your Marvel knowledge.

The Marvel encyclopedia
Source: Amazon

The Marvel Encyclopedia is perfect for the Marvel fan who wants to know it all, beyond the films. Make your coffee table the envy of Marvel fans everywhere with this extensive guide, complete with an introduction from the Marvel legend himself, the late Stan Lee.

Price: $22.04 for a hardcover copy on Amazon

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Keep your girl gang close.

The female Avengers sticker
Source: Etsy

This is a definite must-buy for your bestie. She can stick it on her laptop and remind herself that she's not alone when she's cracking down on a tough work project or side hustle. This female Avengers sticker is well-reviewed and costs less than ten dollars.

Price: $5.49 on Etsy

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Own your own mini Iron Man.

The Iron Man figurine
Source: GameStop

Say "I love you 3,000," to someone with this incredible Iron Man figurine. According to GameStop, "Iron Man has arrived in the Fighting Armor line by Sentinel! In this innovative new series the body of each figure is covered in an armor while each joint is is carefully designed to recreate the articulation of a true human body."

Price: $89.99 on GameStop

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Enjoy your breakfast with a side of Deadpool sass.

gifts for marvel fans

Deadpool IS part of the MCU now, so this waffle maker totally counts as a gift for a Marvel fan. Tell the gift recipient to put their katanas and chimichangas aside and make room for this hilarious Deadpool waffle maker.

Price: $39.90 on Box Lunch

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Kick back with your favorite TV couple.

The Wanda and Vision pint glasses
Source: Box Lunch

These adorable and vibrant pint glasses are a perfect couple's gift for the Wanda and Vision in your life. Chaos magic not included.

Price: $19.90 on Box Lunch

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Be the best archer ever.

gifts for marvel fans

The Kate Bishop track jacket from Her Universe is a great gift for anyone looking to embrace their inner archer. Hint: it's also perfect for the cosplayer in your life.

Price: $47.92 on Her Universe

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Get up to mischief with your bestie.

The Thor and Loki "Get Help" necklaces
Source: Amazon

Forget friendship bracelets, get your bestie these fun Thor: Ragnarok inspired necklaces, complete with Loki's helmet and Mjolnir charms.

Price: $14.69 on Amazon

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Pop some popcorn with Captain America.

The Captain America popcorn maker
Source: Amazon

What's more patriotic than popcorn? A Captain America popcorn maker. Cap's shield even serves as the top cover and a bowl for your freshly popped popcorn.

Price: $39.99 on Amazon

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Wield Thor's hammer — and stop your wine with it.

The Mjolnir wine bottle stopper
Source: Amazon

Why settle for anything less than a Mjolnir wine bottle stopper? This gift is a fun and affordable present for the Thor-loving, wine-drinking friend in your life.

Price: $19.99 on Amazon

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Rep your favorite heartbreaking WandaVision moment.

The Vision quote WandaVision shirt
Source: Etsy

We've all got that friend who lives for emotionally devastating TV. Vision broke Wanda's heart and ours with four simple words: "To grow old in, V." Now you can enjoy this heartbreaking scene in t-shirt form!

Price: $12.90+ on Etsy

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Show off your patriotism for the new Captain America.

Sam Wilson is the new Captain America
Source: Amazon

Sam Wilson donning his own Captain America suit in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was one of 2021's best Marvel moments. Now you can get the new Cap in his epic outfit in Funko figurine form. Keep in mind this is a relatively new release, and Marvel Funko figures tend to sell out quickly!

Price: $29.94 at Walmart

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Slow-cook with everyone's favorite spider.

The chibi Spider-Man quart cooker
Source: Box Lunch

Are your Spidey senses tingling? No, it's just your roast cooking to perfection in this cute slow-cooker. Honestly, we wouldn't blame you if you ended up keeping this as a gift to yourself.

Price: $49.90 on Box Lunch

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Grow your garden with Groot.

The Groot pen holder.
Source: Amazon

How cute is this Groot? This affordable gift can be used as a pen holder, or a flowerpot, or even a succulent planter. This gift would be perfect for someone looking to spruce up their WFH office with a bit of green.

Just look at that face.

Price: $9.94 on Amazon

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Become one with your nerdy side.

The Marvel periodic table of elements t-shirt.
Source: Amazon

If you're having a hard time figuring out exactly what Marvel character your gift recipient would like best, why not give them every character? This handy Marvel t-shirt would also be perfect for a Marvel fan who loves science. It's a win-win!

Price: $22.99 on Amazon

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Turn your pet into the First Avenger.

The Captain America dog costume.
Source: Amazon

OK, so it's no longer Halloween, but there's never a wrong time to dress up a cute pup as Captain America. Never.

Price: $18.24 on Amazon

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Pay tribute to the King of Wakanda.

The artistic 'Black Panther' t-shirt
Source: Box Lunch

This artistically patterned Black Panther t-shirt can only be found at Box Lunch. It's a beautiful shirt and perfect for the Black Panther fan in your life.

Price: $28.90-30.90 on Box Lunch

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Stay cozy with your favorite comic characters.

The Marvel Comics oversized fleece throw
Source: Amazon

We've all got someone in our lives who is always cold. If they also happen to be a Marvel Comics fan, get them this highly-rated Marvel Comics oversized fleece throw.

Price: $54.99 on Amazon

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Make bingeing a breeze.

The Disney Plus logo
Source: Disney Plus

Give the gift of complete access to all MCU content with a Disney Plus subscription.

Price: $7.99 a month on Disney Plus

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Flaunt your love for the God of Mischief.

The 'Loki' plaid button up shirt
Source: Her Universe

Embrace your inner God of Mischief with this cool and comfortable Loki plaid button up shirt. This shirt is available in men's and unisex sizes.

Price: $34.93 on Her Universe

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Snack on some shortbread superheroes.

gifts for marvel fans

If you're looking for stocking stuffers, give the Marvel superhero shortbread cookies a bite. Each box has 12 packs of cookies for less than fifteen dollars.

Price: $11.78 on Amazon

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Create your own Deadpool scenes.

The Deadpool and Hit-Monkey action figure set
Source: Amazon

Have you been watching Hit-Monkey on Hulu? Hit-Monkey is a monkey assassin who interacts with Deadpool in several comic book story arcs, including one story in which he joins Deadpool's "Mercs for Money" assassin team (per ScreenRant).

This two-piece action figure set features Deadpool and Hit-Monkey with plenty of accessories.

Price: $43.99 on Amazon

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Envision yourself in your favorite Marvel movie.

A customizable Avengers portrait
Source: Etsy

Get your own customized Avengers digital portrait and include friends, family members, pets and more. The Etsy shop works with each customer on unlimited revisions until you're satisfied with the outcome. Always wanted to be the Black Widow? Now you can!

Price: Starts at $60 for one person and increased based on the number of figures in the photo on Etsy

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