These Grandparents Just Might Be the Perfect Babysitters — "We Follow Our Daughter's Rules"

"If my kids need a break, bring on the other kids." Grandparents share their philosophy on babysitting.

Melissa Willets - Author

May 13 2024, Published 12:12 p.m. ET

Grandparent and parent relationships can be tricky. Some grandmas and grandpas aren't involved enough, while others are way too involved. Some insert their own opinions when they aren't needed or don't have any boundaries.

Indeed, striking that perfect balance is definitely not easy.

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Enter TikTok creators @martyandnikki who just may be the perfect grandparents and babysitters — not that they like being called that. Read on to learn their rules for making the grandparent relationship work — although they admit not everyone will agree with them.

But as a mom of five over here, I believe you will literally have your faith in grandparents restored after hearing their take.

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These grandparents follow very specific rules when it comes to their kids and grandkids.

In the viral TikTok, the creators work on dispelling stereotypes about grandparents.

Up first is that what happens at grandma's house stays at grandma's house. "No," Nikki simply states.

"We follow our daughter's rules," she emphasizes.

In fact, she says one of her favorite things about being Gigi is that she doesn't have to make the rules!

"Amen," seconds grandpa.

"We went through decades of having to worry about what they eat, what they wore, where they went to school, their grades," she elaborates.

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And then, Gigi celebrates that she doesn't have to do that anymore! "Somebody else is doing the heavy lifting," she adds, going on to explain that it's "yes ma'am" when her daughter tells her how she wants things done.

But in the end, these grandparents may be the perfect babysitters because, well, they don't want to be babysitters. They want to spend time with their grandkids — but luckily for the parents, they get the same result, with more compassion.

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These grandparents don't like the label of "babysitter."

"Yes, we do babysit," Gigi clarifies in the TikTok, but explains that they are there to help their kids — for life, not just until they are 18.

"They need a break," the grandpa, who is short on words, says.

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Gigi goes on to say that until her kids take their last breath, they are there to help them and that she doesn't want her kids to be stressed, tired, lonely, or burnt out.

"If my kids need a break, bring on the other kids," she summarizes.

Um, are these grandparents my favorite people on the planet? Role models? Yes and yes.

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These grandparents go on to just make so much sense.

On the issue of being told by their kids that they need to go no contact for a hot minute, they explain that as grandparents, they have to respect that. And seeing their grandkids has to wait — because they aren't their kids!

Finally, Gigi addresses "her older generation" on the issue of daughter-in-laws. Her message is to not be a jerk to your daughter-in-law. Period. Of course, she uses a more colorful word, but you get the point.

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Commenters, just like me, were overwhelmed by how these grandparents just get it.

A family therapist called their approach "healthy, respectful, and loving."

Daughter-in-laws everywhere applauded them.

Others praised the family for actually being a positive influence on TikTok, while someone even went so far as to insist this video should be mandatory viewing for grandparents.

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