Woman Perfectly Sums Up What It's Like to Grocery Shop With Your Dad vs. Your Mom

One woman on TikTok shares how going grocery shopping with her dad is a totally unhinged experience compared to when she goes with her mom.

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Aug. 16 2023, Published 6:35 p.m. ET

tiktok grocery shopping with dad
Source: TikTok / @arisewell

Not only do some parents have different parenting styles, but they may also have different grocery shopping styles.

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One TikTok user explained how grocery shopping with her dad is a totally different experience than shopping with her mom. How so? In the video below, she nods to the distinctive tendencies her parents display while loading up the cart at the supermarket.

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A woman shares how grocery shopping with Dad is so different than when with Mom.

TikTok user Arianna (@arisewell) shared a video of her shopping at the supermarket with her father. "Grocery shopping with dad vs. mom feels so unreal," she wrote in the video's text.

"We just came in here with no lists, just vibes. He's walking so fast that I can barely keep up," the text continued. "And he just leaves the cart in the middle of the walkway and stares as Slim Jims for 574277226 minutes."

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In the video's caption, Arianna teased: "You can slide a card right through his head."

While she doesn't give any specific details as to how her mom shops for groceries, we're going to use some context clues and assume that shopping with her mom is a much more efficient process.

Unlike her father, Arianna's mother likely brings a list, doesn't rush through the aisles, and doesn't wander away from her cart.

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In her comment section, users agreed that grocery shopping with Dad could be a frenzied experience: "Shopping with dads is so entertaining because truly you never know," wrote one user.

Another said: "Bro I can never shop with my dad 'cause we’re both down to buy the whole store if we had time."

One comment just read: "My stepmom: 'Get tomatoes, garlic, and peppers.' Dad at the grocery store with watermelon, pizza rolls, and chips: 'What did she say we needed?'"

Others touched on the food items dads tend to purchase as opposed to what moms purchase.

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tiktok comment grocery shopping with dad
Source: tiktok

"My mom buys foods that can make different meals while my dad buys junk food," read one comment.

Another comment read: "My dad inevitably fell for the five-for-$10 deal on sliced cheese everytime. Like we don't need this much cheese, man."

A third said: "My dad always talks about how we needa eat healthier yet he only buys snacks and sweets when he goes shopping."

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tiktok comment grocery shopping with dad
Source: tiktok

Does this all sound like your dad? Or is your family totally different? Maybe your mom is the person who dashes through the aisles like a kid in the candy store and your dad is the more prepared one. After all, there's no one correct way to grocery shop.

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The average shopper spends 41 minutes in the grocery store.

Given that many people claim that their dads try to rush their grocery store trips, we thought we'd take a look at how long the average person spends at the store. According to the Time Use Institute (via Nasdaq), the average person spends 41 minutes in the grocery store per shopping trip.

Other interesting statistics include that the average American spends $438 on groceries per month, according to research from The Ascent. Also, the average shopper gets groceries 1.6 times per week, per Statista.

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