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Star of 'Halloweentown' Kimberly J. Brown Has a 'Halloweentown'-Themed Etsy Shop



Halloweentown is the best Disney Channel Original Movie of all time, and even though she was unceremoniously recast in one of the sequels, Kimberly J. Brown will always be Marnie Piper in our eyes. The made-for-TV classic might be over 20 years old, but the Halloweentown love is still going strong.

So it came as only a slight surprise that Marnie herself, Kimberly J. Brown, operates an Etsy shop filled with Halloweentown-themed merch. Seriously, take all my money. Right now. 

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The shop is called Craftily Creative and it is full of t-shirts, mugs, sweatshirts, and prints with Halloweentown quotes like "Being normal is vastly overrated." Others include: "You know, the odds were at fifty percent that I'd get a normal sister," and "Magic is really very simple. All you have to do is want something, then let yourself have it." 

Needless to say, I want it all. 

Don't see your favorite quote? In the product description, it says you can reach out with your own idea for Halloweentown-themed merch. They are happy to do custom orders. And, Kimberly writes, "As always, I'm happy to include a signed photo for anyone who wants one with their order..." Um, how many ways can I say "Yes please!"?!

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Her shop isn't limited to Halloweentown stuff, either/ There are some Harry Potter paintings, Star Wars quotes, X-Men drawings, and even a One Tree Hill custom painted sign. But let's be real — we are heading there for the Disney Channel Original magic

And it seems that a few Etsy products aren't the only way Kimberly J. Brown is celebrating her involvement in the best DCOM franchise of all time. She also happens to be dating actor Daniel Kountz, whom you might recognize because he played Marnie's nemesis Kal in Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge (which, as we all know, is scarily solid for a TV movie sequel. Like, it's actually just as wonderful as the first one)

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Look at them! They are stupidly cute together, like so cute it makes me want to scream. And they look exactly the same as they did way back in 2001. I guess time doesn't work the same way in Halloweentown, eh?

According to BuzzFeed, the pair reconnected in 2016 when she had him featured on her YouTube channel. These two are so adorable that Daniel even helps Kimberly model shirts for her shop. 

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Also, lest we forget: every year for the past several years, the Spirit of Halloweentown festival happens in St. Helens, Oregon. Kimberly J. Brown has made an appearance there for a photo-op, costume contest, and tons of other fun activities that pay homage to the great Halloweentown. 

Yes, the Big Pumpkin is always there. Yes, Benny's cab is there, too. There are activities and events every weekend in October, so real Halloweentown heads need to get out there ASAP to celebrate with everybody. This year, several cast members from Halloweentown will make appearances, including Phillip Van Dyke, who played Luke, and Paul Zimmerman, who was Marnie's brother Dylan. 

I'm glad Halloweentown gets the love and attention it deserves and that it's a point of pride and excitement for Kimberly. It could have just been a movie she starred in 21 years ago. Instead, it's an enduring piece of beloved pop culture! 

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