Did the Hawk Tuah Girl's Dad Really Speak out Against Her? Here's What She Said About It

Is Hawk Tuah Girl's dad *really* a pastor?


Jul. 1 2024, Updated 3:35 p.m. ET

As the conversation continues around the viral internet sensation known as the "hawk tuah girl," all kinds of articles are popping up with supposed information about the funny Tennessee gal who captured hearts with her cheeky interview.

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For one thing, her name is Hailey Welch. And for another, she's now selling merch at a local retailer called Fathead Threads. (And she's doing quite well, too.)

But did her parents — or, specifically, her father — actually speak out about Hailey's newfound TikTok fame? Let's get into it...

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Did Hawk Tuah Girl's parents speak out? Is Hawk Tuah Girl's dad Pastor Harley Vickers?

There was an article making the rounds on Facebook from a site known as The Somerset Insider claiming that Hawk Tuah Girl is actually named Katie and that her dad is "Reverend Harley Vickers of Little Hope Baptist Church in Somerset."

However, if you look at the fine print — in this case, the disclaimer at the bottom of their post — you'll see that The Somerset Insider is a "news satire and parody publication."

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So it looks like the satire site was just having a little fun with all the content surrounding Hawk Tuah Girl.

The site may have taken some of the info from this random tweet, which was posted a day earlier and also identified Hawk Tuah Girl as "Katie Vickers" and her dad as "Pastor Harley Vickers."

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Either way, it was all clearly a hoax.

In the Somerset Insider post, they pretended that the young woman's "dad" was appalled at her NSFW interview and believed that she'd been possessed by Satan.

"We didn't raise Katie to talk like that," reads the fake quote from the fake pastor. "I fully believe that Satan entered Katie's body and it was his words we were hearing that day, not hers. I ask that everyone pray for my daughter. She didn't know what she was saying. She was possessed by evil!"

You gotta love the creativity!

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Hawk Tuah Girl actually addressed the rumor about her dad.

After Hailey appeared as the surprise guest at a Zach Bryan show on June 29, she sat down for an interview with influencer (and Zach Bryan's longtime girlfriend) Brianna LaPaglia, for Brianna's Plan Bri Uncut podcast.

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"My father is so far from a preacher, it's crazy," Hailey said.

She also said that her parents actually think the whole situation is quite amusing. "They know how I am though," Hailey explained. "Because you can never tell what comes out of my mouth — it's a hit or miss what comes out of my mouth."

So there ya have it, folks. Hawk Tuah Girl's dad isn't a preacher, and nobody is mad at anybody. So until Hailey herself comes out and gives more information, we should probably take what we read about her and her family with a grain of salt.

In the meantime, enjoy the interview that made Hawk Tuah Girl famous:

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