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Source: Twitter

Man Live Tweets His Uncle and Grandpa's Hearing Aid Appointment


One time, when my grandparents were staying over at our house growing up, my grandpa left his hearing aid on the table next to the bed, and the next morning, it was gone. Because my dog had eaten it. 

It was definitely the most expensive thing our dear Lou ate during his lifetime. It's also the thing that most hindered my grandpa's ability to hear us. Even though they're expensive and dogs eat them sometimes, hearing aids are very important, often more important than older people who have gradually lost their hearing realize. 

One man took his great uncle and grandpa to get their hearing aids checked and documented the whole hilarious journey on Twitter

What was Ryan Kober supposed to do, not live-tweet this whole thing?

Source: Twitter

It was hilarious from the second the two older men got in Ryan's car. They're a regular comedy duo! It's Abbott and Costello over here, I tell ya! I don't know how Ryan was the one roped into taking his great uncle and grandpa on this little errand, but I'm very glad he did because this thread is such a delight. It is about to put such a smile on your face.