'Hollow Knight: Silksong' Has Been Delayed — When Will it Release?

'Hollow Knight: Silksong' was originally projected to release in 2023, but a new note from the devs suggests the release date has been pushed.

Sara Belcher - Author

Jun. 13 2022, Published 12:53 p.m. ET

'Hollow Knight: Silksong'
Source: Team Cherry

It's been years since Hollow Knight was released, and the indie sidescrolling platform title wowed players with its challenging levels, expansive map, and wonderous score. In 2019, Silksong, a DLC, was announced for the title — but after lots of time without any details about the new content coming to the title, the developers have since turned Hollow Knight: Silksong into a title of its own.

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Now the sequel is in development, though details have been scarce. The developers have been teasing details about the upcoming title for years, but it seems it'll be a bit longer than many hoped before the game hits its planned platforms. Here's what we know about Hollow Knight: Silksong, including details on its release date, platforms, and the new playable character.

'Hollow Knight: Silksong'
Source: Team Cherry
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What is the release date for 'Hollow Knight: Silksong'? Will it be available on Game Pass?

At this time, there's no confirmed release date for Hollow Knight: Silksong — and it seems it'll be some time before we're given a solid timeline.

Though the game was originally slated to release in the first half of 2023, Matthre Griffin, who's working on marketing and publishing for the indie title, tweeted an update confirming that the release timeline for Silksong is still unclear.

"We had planned to release in the 1st half of 2023, but development is still continuing. We're excited by how the game is shaping up, and it's gotten quite big, so we want to take the time to make the game as good as we can," he tweeted on May 9. "Expect more details from us once we get closer to release."

It seems that the game will likely release closer to the end of the year, if not well into 2024.

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Despite the lack of a release date, at the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase in June 2022, Microsoft confirmed that the game will be available on Game Pass the same day it's released.

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Will 'Hollow Knight: Silksong' be available for PS4 or PS5? What other platforms will it be on?

The original indie sidescroller has been made available for most common gaming platforms, and it seems that its sequel will also be made available for PlayStation.

According to the game's website, players will be able to purchase the title from the Nintendo Switch eShop, Steam, Xbox's eShop, PlayStation's store, GOG.com, and Humble. At this time, it's unclear if the game will be available for previous generation consoles, like the Xbox One and PS4, though it seems it'll launch with current-gen support.

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Who is Hornet, the main playable character in 'Silksong'?

Those who played through the original Hollow Knight title will remember Hornet as one of the first difficult bosses in the game. She is the princess-protector of Hallownest’s ruins and the daughter of the Pale King and Herrah the Beast, who is the queen of Deepnest.

There are two different instances in the first game where the player has to compete against Hornet, and only once she's been defeated in both of her forms will her journal entry be unlocked.

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Hornet in 'Hollow Knight: Silksong'
Source: Team Cherry

But the further into the game you venture, the more important and influential she becomes to the overall plot.

In Silksong, players will tackle the title as Hunter instead of The Knight, taking them on an entirely new journey with new areas, new foes, and mysterious circumstances surrounding her new adventure.

At the start of the title, Hornet is kidnapped and taken far away from the setting of the original Hollow Knight title. In this new location, she'll have to find similar and unfamiliar enemies while dodging lava-filled dungeons and treacherous landscapes.

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