The "Holy Spirit Activate" Song Is Taking TikTok by Storm

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Oct. 27 2021, Published 3:50 p.m. ET

The latest TikTok trend involves a woman saying "Holy spirit activate"
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New sounds constantly pop up on TikTok, and creators jump at the chance to participate in different trends or challenges. Whether they are mainstream songs, movie quotes, video games, or holiday-themed ballads, different sounds go viral on the social media platform all the time.

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The latest trend features the song, "Holy Spirit Activate." We bet you've been encountering it loads on your for you page. What is this trend, and where does the sound originate? Keep reading to find out!

The "Holy Spirit Activate" song is going viral on TikTok
Source: Getty Images
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What is the "Holy Spirit Activate" trend?

As every month comes and goes, so do the latest TikTok sounds. But, for October, one sound has remained pretty consistent with creators. The strange yet infectious tune features a woman repeatedly saying the words, "Holy Spirit Activate" in an odd manner.

Though the trend doesn't have any specific storylines to follow or dance choreography to complete, it's still used millions of times a day by TikTok users.

The majority of TikToks use the "Holy Spirit Activate" sound to create relatable and entertaining sketches. From going in for an interview to building yourself up to go out with friends, the opportunities to jokingly summon the Holy Spirit are endless.

Here are a couple of examples:

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Source: TikTok / @destinyyuhurd
Source: TikTok / @pachatzke
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Where did the "Holy Spirit Activate" sound come from?

The newest viral song on TikTok comes from a recent episode of Celebrity Family Feud. Back in September 2021, members of the musical pop group Wilson Phillips went up against the pop-acapella stylings of Pentatonix, with Wilson Phillips moving on to the fast money round.

One of the members, Chynna Phillips, provided fans and Steve Harvey with one of the most bizarre moments in the show's history. After Carnie Phillips earned the team a whopping 184 points, it was Chynna's turn to play her round of fast money.

As Steve was getting ready to read the questions, Chynna stopped him and summoned the Holy Spirit to help her win the bonus round.

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Source: TikTok / @victoryyouth

Chynna sang and danced to her "original song," and Steve Harvey stood there stunned. Once she finished, Steve added, "Eleven years, this never happened before." In classic Steve Harvey fashion, he humorously participated in the chant.

"Think about it next time you're down at the DMV ... Holy spirit activate!" Steve joked. "How about the time you [are] sitting up there taking a test you ain't studied for ... Holy spirit activate!"

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After two of Chynna's answers were revealed on the board, she needed two more points to win the extra $25,000. Before Steve announced the third answer, he turned to Chynna and shouted, "Hit it!" She responded by taking part in her "Holy Spirit Activate" chant and dance. Well, it seems the mantra worked since the third answer got the Wilson Phillips team the fast money win.

Source: TikTok / @lifeofdayton

We think it's time everyone joins in on the "Holy Spirit Activate" trend, so hop on over to TikTok and start recording your next video today! Will it go viral? Who knows, but the only thing that matters is enjoying yourself and having fun.

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