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Couple Ran Away From Their Honeymoon When the Groom's Parents Showed Up at the Same Hotel



You might think your in-laws are bad, but if they didn't pop up out of the blue at your own honeymoon and expect to spend the whole vacation with you, consider yourself lucky. That's what happened to this one poor couple. They consulted Reddit's "Am I the A-hole?" to see if it would be wrong to run away from their own honeymoon after the groom's parents showed up to "surprise" them.

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Your jaw will be on the floor. Listen to this: A woman and her new husband went on their honeymoon. It was a very nice gift from his parents: a stay at an all-inclusive hotel for a week. The trip was a wedding gift to their son and his new wife. Very nice. Great. Fine. 

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But, she writes, "On arriving we found out that they'd also booked a room at this hotel for themselves for the whole week and want to do group things." She explains they usually see each other two or three times a year and that her husband finds them "a bit overbearing at times." Wonder why!

While they're not in the adjoining room, but they are at the same hotel. For their son's honeymoon. "They knock on our door regularly, waking us up at 6 a.m., making us get all three meals a day with them," she writes. When they say they want alone time, his parents tell them that's what their room is for. So I guess they have to hunker down in their room if they want to spend any time alone together. 

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They faked stomachaches to get out of hanging out with his parents, but that didn't work. Instead, the parents just sent up room service and sat with them while they ate. Her husband, to his credit, snapped and told them what they were doing was inappropriate. But they didn't budge. "They told us that they paid for this whole thing and that as adults we're allowed to take holidays at the same time to the same place," she writes. Manipulative to the nth degree. 

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Now, she and her husband are considering packing up and leaving. They looked it up and there are reasonable train tickets to another vacation town. They want to grab their things and go in the middle of the night. It was very generous for his parents to buy them the honeymoon. But it's not really a gift if it was just a move to trick the newlyweds into going on vacation with them. 

Reddit agreed that they should flee without telling his parents. "Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Gifts shouldn't come with strings," one person writes. "Why are you sitting here writing this? Go! Catch your train! Be free!" another writes. The comments were unanimous. 

After getting a consensus from commenters, she writes, "Update: Our train should be arriving in our final station in the next 30 mins. We've found a hotel that's able to take us tonight, and we are very excited about the next four days."I don't know that I've ever cheered at the end of an AITA post before, but there's a first time for everything. 

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This isn't the only time parents have crashed a honeymoon, unfortunately. In another AITA post, a man explains that he has his wife purposely had a small wedding so they could save up for a big honeymoon. "My parents wanted to come with us..." and make it a family vacation, he writes, but he "shut that down immediately." Soon, they started joking about "just showing up" at the place they were staying.  

He explains that, partly because of his parents' jokes and partly because they found a good deal, they switched the location of their honeymoon and didn't tell his parents. Sure enough, while on their getaway, he gets "a bunch of texts" from his family wanting to know where they were. YUP. They showed up (with his brother!!) at the original honeymoon spot "as a fun surprise." Psychotic. Absolutely psychotic. And they were mad at him for "lying" about where their honeymoon would be. 

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Eventually, the parents apologized, but they also said they "forgive me for ruining their first family vacation in a decade." Um, how about they decided to trap their son and his new wife on their honeymoon and got mad when their scheme didn't work? Even though this couple managed to outwit the parents, he's still steaming mad, and I don't blame him. He's at the point where he doesn't want to speak to them ever again. "I just can't keep being the only adult with three adult children needing my constant attention."

Something tells me this isn't the first time something like this has happened. In the comments, that becomes clear. It sounds like his mom has severe untreated anxiety, and his dad enables it. Plus they've done things like hijack his dates and take loans out in his name. Bonkers stuff. They refuse to get help because they don't believe anything is wrong. 

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But folks, we're not done yet. Perhaps the worst of the worst is this story posted on BabyCenter a few years ago. A woman went on a trip with her fiancé (so not quite a honeymoon). When they tell the fiancé's mother about the vacation, she seems excited for them. Next thing she knows, her MIL is booked to come with them on the trip. She framed it like she was giving the trip to them as a gift, but then they got there...

"I'm. In. HELL," OP writes. "First of all she booked a suite — we are SHARING A SUITE WITH HER... She won't leave us alone! She won't let us sleep in... She makes us do all the activities... She makes us have every meal with her. She won't even let us nap during the day because 'Why waste such glorious sunshine?'"

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OP eventually told her fiancé she needed some alone time and booked herself a spa treatment. Her MIL was excited because that meant alone time with her son. Really seems like this woman is trying to steal her own son away from his fiancée! 

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That night, OP put her foot down and said she wanted to have dinner alone with her fiancé, and his mother threw a whole temper tantrum about it. It got to the point where OP made her fiancé choose between her or his mother, and he chose his mother. 

So, OP went to the bar and started drinking tequila. "The barman gave me this turtle, I've named him Dereck," she writes. Her fiancé messaged her repeatedly asking her to come back, but he never actually went to find her. 

Unlike in the first two stories, this dude clearly doesn't get that his mother is the one being inappropriate. I can't imagine how frustrating that is. If this happened to me, I would seriously reconsider the relationship!! 

In-laws can be a lot sometimes, but if you're in-laws are this much all the time, hoo boy, I feel for you.

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