'Ice Road Truckers' Stars Understand the Experiences in Netflix's 'Ice Road'

Netflix's 'The Ice Road' is about ice road truckers navigating dangerous roads. Real-life truckers spoke out about how accurate the movie is.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Jun. 30 2021, Published 3:16 p.m. ET

Marcus Thomas and Liam Neeson
Source: Netflix

The Netflix movie The Ice Road might not be based on a true story, but anyone who has ever watched the show Ice Road Truckers knows that the situations depicted in the film seem scary similar to the real-life ones. So when Ice Road Truckers stars Todd Dewey and Lisa Kelly filmed their reactions to the movie and commented on how realistic some parts are, it came as little surprise to fans.

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The Netflix movie follows an ice truck driver who has to lead a team over a frozen ocean to save trapped miners in northern Canada. It stars Liam Neeson as a trucker named Mike, who works with a ragtag group of ice truckers who might just remind you of some of the real-life ones you've already seen on TV. But how accurate is the Netflix movie?

Lisa Kelly and Todd Dewey
Source: History
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Two 'Ice Road Truckers' stars have similar experiences as those in 'The Ice Road.'

In a video Netflix posted on its official YouTube account, Todd and Lisa react to various parts of The Ice Road and give their commentary on how realistic or ridiculous parts of it are. For the most part, the scenes shown are pretty close to the real thing.

In the video, Lisa agrees that the icy roads look totally authentic, while Todd comments on the validity of one of the characters in the movie saying that April is a dangerous time to drive the icy roads.

"That is exactly the truth," Todd says in the video. "By the time April comes around, the waters could be a foot to two feet deep on top of the ice. You don't even see the ice."

He also explains that he has done a similar drive himself, but it's something he has "never gotten comfortable with" due to the potential dangers.

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There's another scene where one of the trucks breaks through the ice and it has to be pulled out. And, as Kelly shares in the video, the same thing happened to her once.

"I've sunk through on some soft ice, but there was ice, then there was water, and it froze over the top," she explains. "So when [my truck] first fell, it was really scary, but it was just on the first layer."

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But not everything in the Netflix movie is totally accurate.

However, there is one part of the movie that Todd is quick to point out is unrealistic. There's a scene where the trucks on the open ice road are traveling within 200 feet of each other for safety. According to Todd, he and his crews have always traveled with far more distance between them to prevent the rumble of their engines from starting waves under the ice.

'The Ice Road' Cast
Source: Netflix

Lisa also explains that in the movie scene where part of the truck is stuck in the ice, it isn't a good idea to release the trailer for the truck, as they do in The Ice Road. She says that in real life, the landing gear could get ripped off the truck and they might not be able to re-attach the trailer.

Mostly, though, the real Ice Road Truckers seem to have respect for the way The Ice Road shows its version of what they do in real life.

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