'Temptation Island' Couples Spend a Significant Amount of Time Away From Their Partners

If you've ever watched 'Temptation Island' and wondered how long the couples on the show are stuck on an island, you aren't alone.

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Jun. 28 2023, Updated 12:35 p.m. ET

Temptation Island's Season 5 couples
Source: USA

Everyone wants to believe that their relationship is unassailable, that no one would be able to tear them apart from the person that they're dating. That's a notion that Temptation Island aims to challenge with each new season of the show.

The question though, is how long does it really take to sow that seed of doubt in someone's mind and get them thirsting for people they just met in a "dream" scenario? How long are they even on the island?

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So how long are they on 'Temptation Island'?

If you and your significant other thought about taking the challenge and getting paid to basically be under the microscope of a production team, then there's a few things that you should know from the get go. The first is that you'll be there for about a month.

The next thing is that, like most reality TV shows that focus on the "always rolling" style of filming, Temptation Island doesn't allow its participants to have smartphones or computers with internet access during the filming process.

This is naturally meant to force the show's subjects to interact with each other more, as that's all there really is for them to really do outside of just chilling on the beach or engaging in whatever activities are afforded to them at the vacation resort in Maui, Hawaii where filming takes place. The show's host, Mark L. Walberg, has stated that while there may be contestants who believe they can come out of the show emotionally unscathed, they've got another thing coming.

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Temptation Island's Season 5 female singles
Source: USA

In an interview with Reality Blurred, Walberg stated, "Once these people got the island, what seems to be a contrived reality show ends up being a very real experience for the people involved very quickly."

He continued, "I always try to be an authentic person. I try to serve the show and the people on the show as best as I can, and buy what’s being sold as hard as I can."

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Although Temptation Island has taken long breaks in between filming different seasons, and since more people are glued to their smartphones than ever before, he says that this "vacuum" devoid of content has only helped move along the show's relationships to progress more rapidly, i.e. people are so bored they use others to entertain themselves.

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"You take all that way and you put them in this paradise situation, and start really looking at this relationship thing… If you lived together for 24 hours a day, and that’s all you’re doing and there’s no distractions, relationships come and go very quickly," Walberg said.

He also says that in his on-air speeches to the participants, he's 100 percent transparent with the production aspect of the series.

"It may be a reality show, it may be produced, you may be able to say things are untrue or are true to you, but the concept is going to make things real real quickly, whether you want to or not."

He also told the outlet that it's absolutely impossible to completely side-step the show's drama because once you're in it, you're in it.

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Paris and Great in Season 5 of Temptation Island
Source: USA

"Even if a couple comes on, having dated for a while, saying, Look, let’s do this. We’ll get a couple week’s vacation, we’ll pretend to have drama, and then we’ll come home and be together, I keep saying to them, I know that’s what you think you may be doing, or maybe that’s what you’re thinking you’re going to do, but it’s not going to go down like that. This becomes very real, very emotional, very quickly, and my job is to bring it back to that."

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'Temptation Island' has created some reality TV stars.

Miss Oregon 2018 Toneata Morgan from Season 2 of Temptation Island doesn't just have credits in reality TV, but in feature films as well, like 2019's Anna Nicole, Lost in Space. She's no stranger to other reality series as well, like Growing Up Hip Hop and Master P's Family Empire.

Season 5's Nafeesah Terry is also no stranger to reality television. When she joined the fifth season as a single, she was also a Wild 'n Out girl from the MTV show.

Watch Temptation Island on Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on USA.

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