Cast More Than 20 Spells Are In 'Hogwarts Legacy' – Here’s What We’ve Seen So Far

Jon Bitner - Author

Feb. 3 2023, Published 3:37 p.m. ET

Hogwarts Legacy Combat
Source: Avalanche Software

Avalanche Software is leaving no stone unturned with Hogwarts Legacy, as the team is looking to build one of the biggest games in franchise history. And while that means you’ll have a massive world to explore and plenty of quests to keep you busy, it also means there will be tons of unique spells at your disposal.

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We still don’t know exactly how many are in Hogwarts Legacy, but eagle-eyed fans have already noticed dozens of familiar spells in preview trailers.

Curious to know if your favorite spells made it into Hogwarts Legacy? Here’s a look at everything we’ve seen so far.

How many spells are in 'Hogwarts Legacy'?

While Avalanche Software hasn’t compiled a full list, fans have already spotted what appears to be more than 20 spells in Hogwarts Legacy. These range from the deadly Avada Kedavra to the sneaky Disillusionment Charm. Here’s a quick look at every spell that appears to be in Hogwarts Legacy:

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Hogwarts Legacy Spell
Source: Avalanche Software
  • Accio: A summoning charm.
  • Alohomora: A spell that unlocks doors and treasure chests.
  • Arresto Momentum: Slows your target.
  • Avada Kedavra: A deadly curse that instantly kills its target.
  • Bombarda: Creates an explosion near its target.
  • Confringo: A spell that causes the targeted object to explode.
  • Crucio: One of the three Unforgivable Curses.
  • Depulso: Repels the target.
  • Descendo: Cause the target to fall down.
  • Diffindo: A spell that cuts objects.
  • Disillusionment Charm: Turns the caster invisible.
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  • Expelliarmus: Disarm the target.
  • Flipendo: Knock away your target.
  • Glacius: Freeze your target.
  • Imperio: Take control of your target.
  • Incendio: Conjure flames.
  • Levioso: A levitation spell.
  • Lumos: Turn your wand into a flashlight.
  • Oppugno: Strike your target with the selected object.
  • Petrificus Totalus: Paralyze your target.
  • Protego: Creates a shield around the caster.
  • Reducto: Blows apart your target.
  • Reparo: Fixes the targeted object.
  • Revelio: Reveal hidden objects in your surroundings.
  • Stupefy: Stun your target.
Hogwarts Legacy Monster Combat
Source: Avalanche Software
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Keep in mind that most of these spells have not been directly confirmed by the developer. Instead, they’re based on what fans and critics have seen from early gameplay footage. And beyond all these named spells, you’ll also have access to a few standard spells that won’t be tied to a cooldown timer.

How to unlock spells in 'Hogwarts Legacy'.

It’s still unclear how exactly players will unlock spells in Hogwarts Legacy. However, we’d imagine they’re both tied to story progression and available through optional side quests. Many of the core spells needed for battle will likely be introduced while taking Defence Against the Dark Arts.

The official Hogwarts Legacy website states that players can “complete challenges throughout the world to earn experience and level up their abilities.” It also says you can mix and match spells to create your own unique play style. Beyond spells, you’ll also be able to unlock magical gear, talents, and other skills to help you face all the challenges Hogwarts Legacy throws your way.

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