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Who Knew You Could Get So Rich From Being a 'Teen Mom'?


MTV's Teen Mom has changed a lot since the reality series first premiered a decade ago. Back in 2009, MTV understandably got a lot of backlash for glorifying teen pregnancy, but times have changed and these days, the show is doing so well, it's even launched a couple of spinoffs like Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom: Young Moms Club

And since the franchise has been so successful, fans are obviously wondering whether the stars on the show are successful as well. So, how much do Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 stars make? Should we all have gone straight from high school to the reality show?

Keep reading to find out.

1. Jenelle Eason ('Teen Mom 2')

Source: Instagram

MTV might have cut all ties with Jenelle after her husband David shot and killed their dog, but she'll be able to laugh her way to the bank. "MTV ended its relationship with David Eason over a  year ago in February 2018 and has not filmed any new episodes of Teen Mom 2 with him since. Additionally, we have stopped filming with Jenelle Eason as of April 6, 2019 and have no plans to cover her story in the upcoming season," the network said in a statement.

According to a radio interview she gave in 2015, Jenelle said she'd made "a little bit over half [a million]" from the series by that point. "I'm not really allowed to discuss it," she added. According to Radar, she might make more than some of her co-stars. "Jenelle gets paid $75,000 a year and her mom gets paid $65,000: she calls her an overpaid babysitter," a source said, adding that Jenelle also benefitted from many perks like gift cards and free meals.

A more recent Cheat Sheet article posited that Jenelle collected the same fee as her fellow original cast members on Teen Mom 2: $300,000. But they not that her net worth is vastly lower than her co-stars' due to all the legal bills she has to handle.