Klombo Is Your New Dinosaur Friend in 'Fortnite'

Sara Belcher - Author

Jan. 19 2022, Published 6:17 p.m. ET

Chapter 3 of Fortnite has brought back so many fan-favorite features to the game — milestones, the Tilted Towers, and now dinosaurs.

Klombo is a new dinosaur in the game, and this creature can quickly become a foe. How much health does Klombo have, and can you tame it?

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How to find Klombo in 'Fortnite.'

Dinosaurs are not new to Fortnite — during Season 6, the game introduced raptors hatched from eggs that had been placed around the map. These raptors could be tamed by any player who was dedicated enough to try (with the right bait and patience, of course).

While it's been some time since the raptors hatched and roamed free around the Fortnite map, it seems that the developers are bringing back dinosaurs with the introduction of Klombos.

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Klombos are huge dinosaurs that spawn in various places around the map. They're large and bumbling and, while they may look intimidating, are not actually a threat to the player. That is, unless you decide you want to fight one (but why would you? The Klombos are so cute and harmless).

Klombos tend to spawn in wide, open spaces on the map, which makes sense considering how large they are. They're not hard to locate around the map, due to their sheer size and that they aren't particularly quiet when navigating around the map.

The Klombo's favorite food is, of course, a Klomberry, which is another new addition to Fortnite with the 19.10 patch. You'll need these to interact with a Klombo, but you can also eat them to restore your health.

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Can you tame a Klombo? The dinosaurs are useful.

Unlike the other animals in the game, you can't actually tame the Klombos, though they are useful in many ways.

If you feed a Klombo enough Klombo berries, they'll spit things out of their blowhole — items like medicine kits or ammo that you'll need.

You can also climb on the Klombo's back and shoot yourself into the air using its blowhole. The dinosaur will project you high enough that you can use your glider, though even if you don't you won't receive any fall damage when you hit the ground.

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How much health does a Klombo have?

If you happen to accidentally bother a Klombo to where it decides to attack you (or you're one of the people who would intentionally attack the harmless creature), you may find yourself in combat with it. If that happens, you can attack and kill these dinosaurs — but it'll take some time. Each Klombo has 2000 health, meaning it'll take more than just a couple of shots to kill one.

You'll know when a Klombo is about to attack you when it turns red and begins to throw a tantrum of sorts.

If this happens and you're not particularly fond of killing the Klombo, you can also coerce it into calming down by feeding it more Klomberries. While this dinosaur is present in the game, it may help to have a few on hand — just in case.

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