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How Much Is a Private Tour of Roloff Farms? A 'LPBW' Star Will Do It for a Fee



If you've been tuning into Little People, Big World since it premiered in 2006, then you're familiar with Roloff Farms. What began as "34 acres of possibility" on Matt and Amy's property has transformed into more than 100 acres of outdoor entertainment — including a pumpkin patch, a castle, western village, pirate ship, corn maze, and much more.

Roloff Farms, which is located 15 miles west of Portland and just north of Hillsboro, Ore., offers a ton of family fun — especially in October during pumpkin season. However, some guests desire a more personal experience on the gorgeous property. Which is why there is the option of taking a private tour.

Naturally, fans of Little People, Big World have wondered: How much does a private tour of Roloff Farms cost? Let's take a closer look.

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How much is a private tour of Roloff Farms?

If you're looking to take a private tour of Roloff Farms, expect to pay a premium price for the experience. A flat fee of $300 will get you a private, 30-minute tour for up to three people, according to the Roloff Farms website. Each additional person after that costs $25 apiece, with a maximum of eight people. (Kids 3 and younger are free.)

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Tours are offered every day of the week all year long, and reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance.

"We enjoy sharing the beautiful landscape and behind the scene stories of Roloff Farms," the website reads. "Each tour will visit the famous farm attractions that you may already be familiar including the Western Town, Molly’s Castle, The Twins’ Swamp Fort, Matt’s Bridge, a visit to the Secret Forest, the Tower of Terror and so much more!"

Check out the video below to get a taste of what a private tour might look like. (Although this appears to be a group tour.)

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According to the website, each Roloff Farms private tour will be guided by Matt, Zachary, Amy, or Jeremy, who "will share fun stories and current tidbits going on at the farm." But we have a feeling this information hasn't been updated in a while.

That's because Amy recently sold her half of the farm to Matt. Not to mention, Jeremy has moved several hours away from the farm, to Bend, Ore., making it not very feasible for him to be spending a ton of time working there. So we wouldn't expect to see Amy or Jeremy guiding many — if any — private tours of Roloff Farms.

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Actually, it looks like Zach will probably be the one leading the way if you ever plan to take a private tour of the farm.

"No matter what's going on with the family, we always come together for pumpkin season," Matt explained during a Little People, Big World episode shot in October 2019. "Zach, this year, has really taken ownership over the private tours."

In the same episode, Zach shared that he had been doing private tours at Roloff Farms for three or four years.

"I like doing private tours because they're very manageable, it's small group of people," he said. "I can kind of create a relationship — a real relationship — not a, 'Hi, how's it going?' relationship. I'm in control of the situation."

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Source: YouTube

Another note: If you actually go to book a private tour right now, you'll notice there are no dates available, likely because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic/social distancing guidelines that have followed as a result.

Hopefully, Roloff Farms will be back up and running — as well as the private tours — by the time pumpkin season arrives in October.

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