The Orange Potato is the Hardest Potato to Craft in 'Disney Dreamlight Valley'

Sara Belcher - Author

Apr. 7 2023, Published 1:33 p.m. ET

With the introduction of the Pride of the Valley update in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players are now trying desperately to find the orange potato. This is a new item that was added with the recent free update and is a necessary ingredient if you want to make the Electrifying Orange Potion.

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Unfortunately, you will not be able to get all of the materials necessary to unlock the orange potato right away — you'll actually have to advance your friendship with the villagers pretty far before you'll even be able to start finding the necessary materials to harvest it.

Here's a breakdown of everything you have to do to find the orange potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Lenses of Shadow in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Source: Gameloft
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How to find the orange pebbles to craft the orange potato in 'Disney Dreamlight Valley.'

Before you can begin your hunt for the orange potato, you'll first want to reach a Level 10 friendship with Scrooge McDuck. Only once you've completed his Level 10 friendship quest will you be able to access the Lenses of Shadows, a pair of glasses that is necessary to locate all of the orange pebbles scattered around Dreamlight Valley.

You'll also need to have completed the Level 10 friendship quests with Mickey, as you'll need access to his Secret Room in the castle.

Once you've completed these things, you'll be safe to start your hunt for the 20 orange pebbles that are needed to craft the orange potato.

Equip the Lenses of Shadows in your inventory and then start your search in the Dream Castle. All of the orange pebbles will be found either in the castle or in the various realms you can access via the Dream Castle.

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There are three orange pebbles within the Dream Castle, three in Mickey's Secret Room, four in Moana's realm, one in the Ratatouille realm, four in the Toy Story realm, three in the Frozen realm, and two in the WALL-E realm.

If you haven't already unlocked all of these realms, you will also need to do that to complete this search. This will require quite a bit of Dreamlight, so be sure to save it up if you haven't already brought these characters back to the Valley.

When you've managed to find all 20 orange pebbles, you'll be able to craft the orange potato at any crafting table.

Beyond being a key component in crafting the Electrifying Orange Potion, it's unclear what exactly the orange potato is for. This is just one of the many colored potatoes the developers have added to the game, so it's likely that its importance will be revealed in a later update.

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