You'll Have to Buy This Unpopular Expansion to Get Oswald in 'Disney Dreamlight Valley'

Oswald is part of the 'A Rift in Time' expansion, but not all players think the extra content is worth it.

Sara Belcher - Author

May 2 2024, Published 7:08 p.m. ET

Oswald in 'Disney Dreamlight Valley'
Source: Gameloft

The hit cozy game Disney Dreamlight Valley has been dubbed the Animal Crossing for Disney-lovers, entwining the franchise's iconic characters into a casual and cozy title. Characters from just about every Disney movie franchise has a place in the Valley, and players can befreind them all (with enough hours of playtime, of course).

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Unfortunately, players who want to add Oswald the Lucky Rabbit from the 70s cartoons to their game will need to sink quite a bit of time (and a little bit of cash) into Disney Dreamlight Valley to make it work. Here's what you need to know.

Unlocking Oswald in 'Dreamlight Valley' requires a specific expansion.

Those looking to invite Oswald to hang out in the Valley with them will first need to purchase the expansion A Rift in Time. You'll need the Dreamlight Valley base game for this, so you'll have to shell out the extra money ($29.99 to be exact) if you want to add him to your game.

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Once you've done that, there are a series of quests that will need to be completed first. Progress through A Rift in Time until you reach Act II: The Spark of Imagination. This should unlock the quest "The Sunken Ruins" from Merlin.

This quest will ask you to find 10 "Flickers," a new item added for the expansion, before you can begin to explore the Ancient Ruins where Oswald is hiding. These are found by using your hourglass in the Plaza, The Docks, and different character realms.

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Upon completing this portion of the quest, Merlin will then ask you to accompany him to the Ancient Ruins on Eternity Isle. From here, you'll have to complete three sprawling friendship quests (with Gaston, EVE, and Rapunzel), which will give you the pictures necessary to unlock the Ancient Ruins. Once these are completed, you should be able to descend to the bottom, where you will find Oswald.

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Of course, this quirky bunny will have a quest of his own for you to complete before you can bring him back to the Valley. Help him find the Spark of Imagination and his subsequent quests and then you can take him home.

Players are unhappy with the expansion 'A Rift in Time.'

Though you need A Rift in Time to unlock Oswald, not everyone thinks it's worth it. Despite the expansion pass being released in December 2023, it continues to have mixed reviews on Steam, with many griping about the high price point.

"Y'all rude as heck for making this '$29.99' when we were promised no story would be locked behind a pay wall," one Steam user wrote in their review.

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Despite the expansion costing only $10 less than the base game, players felt underwhelmed by the content.

"Finally visited Eternity Isle and it was a huge disappointment," another Steam user wrote in their review. "I got really excited (like way too excited) to see Scrooge had a second shop except... he doesn't. You just waste a bunch of time and resources to build the exact same shop with the exact same inventory. Same with Remi's restaurant. They couldn't even bother to reskin them."

If you feel like you really need to add Oswald to the collection of characters available in the Valley, then you'll need the expansion to make it work — but if you're hoping for a significant amount of new content to come with it, you may not be satisfied.

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