"Sora Is Finally Here" in 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate'! Here's How to Get Him

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Oct. 19 2021, Published 4:53 p.m. ET

Sora featured in 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Source: Nintendo

The roster for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is finally complete with the arrival of Sora from Kingdom Hearts. His inclusion brings the total number of playable characters in Smash Ultimate to a staggering 89 fighters (including the three customizable Mii Fighters).

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Sora was announced as the last character for Fighter Pass Vol. 2 on Oct. 5. The Kingdom Hearts protagonist's inclusion marks the end of the release schedule for this DLC pack, which previously featured the likes of Kazuya from Tekken, Steve from Minecraft, and Pyra/Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Any Smash player will want to complete their roster with Sora, so here's how to get him.

Sora in "Smash Ultimate"
Source: Nintendo
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Here's how to get Sora in 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate'.

Sora's moveset and gameplay emulate many of his techniques and abilities in the first Kingdom Hearts game. Of course, he wields his trusty magic Keyblade against the other fighters.

Players can pull off various three-hit combos using their neutral and side Normal Attacks. Depending on which one you use, the attack will vary in strength and launching power. His side-smash has him swing his Keyblade in one large arc, the down-smash slams down his Keyblade in an impact that surrounds him, and his up-smash creates a ball of light that works best when your opponent is directly above you.

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Sora's specials are very unique, even among the DLC fighters. His neutral-special allows him to cycle through Fire, Thunder, and Blizzard magic attacks. His down-special is a counter that can deal greater damage when deflecting stronger attacks. His up-special sends him spiraling upwards for multiple strikes with the Keyblade.

Director Masahiro Sakura demonstrating Sora
Source: Nintendo
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His side-special, Sonic Blade, is especially dangerous as it gives him three forward dashes. Each dash can be pointed in different directions, and can even lock onto an opponent. This, combined with his versatile mobility in the air, makes him a formidable fighter.

His alternate costumes include various outfits in Kingdom Hearts II, Dream Drop Distance, and Kingdom Hearts III. He also has a "Timeless River" costume, which alters his look into a classic black-and-white cartoon appearance.

Sora's stage is "Hollow Bastion," as depicted in the first Kingdom Hearts. The stage can also change into the memorable "Dive to the Heart" realm, which features other characters from across the Kingdom Hearts series in unique stained glass designs. The song list for the stage features several classic Kingdom Hearts battle themes.

And if you have save data from the Melody of Memory rhythm game, you'll even get an extra track.

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Source: Nintendo

How can you get Sora?

Sora was released on the Nintendo eShop on Oct. 18. He comes automatically with Fighter Pass Vol. 2 ($29.99), so if you've purchased that, he will be automatically unlocked along with the other characters in the pack.

But if you only want Sora and don't need the other characters, he's available as a standalone download for only $5.99, and will still come with his stage and music.

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