Hatching Eggs in ‘Brilliant Diamond’ Is a Familiar Process for Pokemaniac

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Nov. 27 2021, Published 1:02 p.m. ET

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond
Source: The Pokemon Company

Everyone knows that Nintendo is one of the most masterful video game companies out there. They're able to release hardware that, despite the fact that it isn't cutting edge, still manages to get gamers in a tizzy.

That's because their focus is on the "fun" of a game, and it's a business model that clearly works for them.

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Although The Pokémon Company isn't owned by Nintendo, it's evident that a lot of those policies have influenced the way they make their games and subsequent sequels. Take how to hatch eggs in Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond for instance.

So how do you hatch eggs in 'Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond?'

If you've ever played a Zelda, or Mario, or Metroid game and then played a sequel, then there probably aren't too many surprises waiting for you in terms of gameplay. While that may seem like a dig at these respective franchises that couldn't be further from the truth.

That's because the developers for these respective franchises understand how to keep the "soul" of a game intact while ensuring they're providing new and fun features for their loyal fan base.

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond
Source: Nintendo

And this type of philosophy influences nearly every aspect of the game. Pokémon is no different. There's a specific, niche whimsy that's a part of each title, but the head nods to Poké-legacies don't just begin and end with stylistic choices, it also affects gameplay. Pokémon have a limited number of moves that they can use.

Combat will almost always be turn-based, and the same rock-paper-scissors style of fighting with random encounters will never change.

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This same philosophy can be applied to other addictive aspects of the Pokémon franchise. Capturing Pokémon has more or less always followed the same rubric: you encounter a Pokémon, you weaken said Pokémon, maybe you afflict it with status effects, and then you try use the appropriate Pokéball in order to complete the Poké-capture and add yet another entry to your Pokédex.

All in a day's work for an aspiring Pokémon master.

But if you're trying to get more Pokémon for combat or trading purposes, or maybe you just want to have another little pal to round out your Poké-family, then you're going to get in the business of hatching eggs in the game.

And this is a process that has more or less stayed the same throughout the majority of Pokémon titles.

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Source: Twitter | @orcastraw

The time it takes to "incubate" the eggs to hatch is directly correlated to the number of steps one takes in the game. To hatch an egg, all you need to do is leave a male and a female of the same Poké-Species in a daycare center while you go about on your adventures.

While you're gone these little monsters are probably getting bored and looking for activities to fill their time. With their newfound privacy it's only natural for them to bump uglies and lay some eggs.

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But there are some tips and tricks you can implement in order to increase your egg output. If you're putting two Pokémon of the same sex together, and you've managed to log in thousands of steps on foot or your bicycle, then you might want to put a Ditto in the daycare as well, since they can "copy" the other type of Pokémon... which leads to some pretty gross implications if you think about it too hard.

Source: Twitter | @serinide
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You can also try breeding Pokémon that have different Trainer IDs, and when you beat the Elite Four, you'll get access to an Oval Charm, which will also help your Pokemon be more fruitful and multiply.

And when it comes to quickly hatching these eggs, the Pokémon development team has taken a pretty literal approach to get these eggs hatched: by incubating them with heat. Putting a Pokémon with the Flame Body ability, like Magmar, Rapidash, Camerupt, and Ponyta will speed up the process.

There are some Pokémon in 'Brilliant Diamond' and other titles who can only be obtained through hatching eggs.

Riolu is one such Pokémon you'll need to attain through hatching eggs, so you'll need to utilize the daycare in order to get that little guy in your Pokédex.

And if you're trying to get your steps in, there's one spot in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl that is fantastic: the Cycling Road in Sinnoh.

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Source: Twitter | @batwiccan

This ridiculously long bridge that connects Eterna City via Route 206/207 is an easy way to get steps in and all you need to do is travel back and forth. Just make sure you beat all of the trainers who want to battle before hand so you don't get all jammed up.

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