All Elixir Recipes and How to Make Them in 'Tears of the Kingdom'

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May 16 2023, Published 2:29 p.m. ET

Link standing in front of a cooking pot in the cold Hebra region.
Source: Nintendo

Whipping up an elixir or two whenever possible in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom can help players prep for the most daunting challenges ahead. And in other cases, elixirs are just a means to explore vaster and climate-controlled spaces more effectively.

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Players can craft these potions by mixing monster parts with other creatures and items, earning brews that could temporarily increase Link's health, stamina, elemental resistance, and more.

Below we'll take you through how to make an elixir in Tears of the Kingdom and list all the recipes you'll need during your adventure across Hyrule.

Link cooking an elixir at the cooking pot.
Source: Nintendo
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How to make an elixir in 'TotK' explained:

Making an elixir is a simple process in Tears of the Kingdom, made in a way similar to cooking. In front of a cooking pot, you can throw in a mixture of insect and monster parts to begin concocting an elixir.

The challenge is knowing which ingredients to throw inside the cooking pot together. All elixirs demand parts that could be hard to get your hands on immediately or items acquired quickly enough over Hyrule and the sky islands.

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All elixir recipes in 'TotK.'

Players will figure out different elixir recipes by mindlessly throwing various critter and monster parts into a cooking pot, but there are some missable concoctions without the proper materials. Below is a list of every elixir recipe we found, including their benefits and ingredients to make them:

Chilly ElixirTemporarily increases heat resistance.1x Winterwing Butterfly / Cold Darner mixed with any monster part.
Electro ElixirTemporary electric resistance.1x Electric Darner / Thunderwing Butterfly mixed with any monster part.
Enduring ElixirAdds temporary max stamina.1x Tireless Frog mixed with any monster part.
Bright ElixirTemporarily increases illumination.1x Deep Firefly mixed with any monster part.
Fairy TonicRestores life upon death one time.1x Fairy
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'Tears of the Kingdom' Player making a Sticky Elixir at a cooking pot.
Source: Nintendo

Energizing ElixirRestores 20% of one stamina wheel.1x Energetic Rhino Beetle / Restless Cricket mixed with any monster part.
Fireproof ElixirTemporarily heat resistance.1x Fireproof Lizard / Smotherwing Butterfly mixed with any monster part.
Hearty ElixirTemporarily maxes hearts.1x Hearty Lizard mixed with any monster part.
Sneaky ElixirTemporarily increases stealth.1x Sunset Firefly mixed with any monster part.
Mighty ElixirTemporarily increases attack.1x Bladed Rhino Beetle mixed with any monster part.
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Hasty ElixirTemporarily increases speed.1x Hightail Lizard / Hot-Footed Frog mixed with any monster part.
Spicy ElixirTemporarily increases cold resistance.1x Summerwing Butterfly / Warm Darner mixed with any monster part.
Tough ElixirTemporarily increases defense.1x Rugged Rhino Beetle mixed with any monster part.
Sticky ElixirAllows you to temporarily climb wet surfaces.1x Sticky Frog / Sticky Lizard mixed with any monster part.

With the correct items, you can make tonics to overcome environmental obstacles and boost Link's capabilities to tackle shrines and battle troublesome enemy packs.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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