How to Mantle Quickly to Earn XP in 'Fortnite'

Sara Belcher - Author

Apr. 28 2022, Published 4:35 p.m. ET

Chapter 3, Season 2 of Fortnite is still well underway, and while the season still has some time before it's over, there are new weapons, items, and challenges consistently being added. But not every challenge will be easy XP.

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With the new updates, there are also some new mechanics players have had to learn — like how to mantle. In case you missed it at the beginning of this season, here's your guide on how to mantle (and do it quickly).

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What is mantling in 'Fortnite'? Here are the basics.

When Epic Games temporarily took building away from the game at the start of Season 2, the developers added a couple of new mechanics to give players more to work with — and mantling is one of them. To mantle, all you have to do is run at a ledge that is above you and grab onto it, which can be done by holding the jump button.

By removing the ability to build, players were no longer able to reach certain high points on the map. With the addition of mantling (and the readdition of building), players now have multiple ways to get to higher points. For example, you no longer need to use the stairs to climb to the top of the Tilted Towers. There are now multiple ways to navigate the building.

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Here are some tips to mantle quickly and effectively.

One of the new quests in Fortnite requires players to mantle five times within five seconds — which, if you know how mantling works, is a bit of a hard thing to accomplish. Not only does this require you to find an area where you can mantle multiple times in a row, but it'll also require you to time your jumps perfectly so as not to go outside of the time limit.

Thankfully, there are a few different ways you can achieve this, though there's no guarantee you'll get it on your first try.

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For starters, you can try climbing up the side of the Tilted Towers quickly to mantle five times in five seconds. So long as you climb quickly and efficiently, you should be able to do this (though again, you may need to give it a couple of attempts before you nail it).

Another option is to build parallel walls a short distance apart from each other. By doing this, you can jump from one ledge to another quickly, allowing you to achieve the quest. This, of course, can't be done in Zero Build mode.

If that isn't working, you can also build four walls in a block formation and quickly mantle between the four of them. Alternatively, you can also go back and forth, mantling along the same wall. The trick with these is making sure you don't touch the ground in between mantles; when you start to fall, grab back onto the ledge and haul yourself over again.

Of all of the quests available in the game, this is definitely one that seems much simpler than it really is.

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