Mass Releasing Pokémon in 'Legends: Arceus' is a Great Way to Farm Grit

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Jan. 31 2022, Published 8:56 p.m. ET

Pastures in 'Pokémon Legends: Arceus'
Source: Nintendo

The new Pokémon Legends: Arceus employs new and creative ways for trainers to interact with and gather data on Pokémon, unlike any of the games before it. Because of this, there are also quite a few new features in the game that players are unfamiliar with — like the pastures their Pokémon are now stored in.

How do you mass release the Pokémon in your pastures? Here's why you won't want to horde every one you capture in Legends: Arceus.

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How to mass release the Pokémon in your pastures in 'Legends: Arceus.'

Unlike other Pokémon games, Legends: Arceus is focused more on capturing Pokémon than battling with other trainers. As you venture around the lands, you'll find yourself tasked with capturing multiple of the same Pokémon. As you report your findings to the professor, you'll turn over the Pokémon you captured (who are not part of your party). They'll then be transported to the pastures in Jubilife Village.

Pastures in 'Pokémon Legends: Arceus'
Source: Nintendo
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These pastures act as the PC boxes in previous games, holding any Pokémon not currently a part of your party. Unlike in other games, though, you'll likely find your pastures filled with multiples of the same Pokémon, as some PokéDex entries require you to catch upward of 25 of the same type to complete the entry.

Because of this, you'll find yourself needing to release excess Pokémon back into the wild. You can, of course, do this one by one when swapping Pokémon out of your party.

Once you've filled up four of the "boxes" to your pasture, you'll unlock the option to release multiple Pokémon at once. To do this, visit the pastures back at Jubilife Village and talk to the main NPC standing outside of them.

In the pastures menu, click "X" and it will allow you to choose multiple Pokémon from the boxes. You'll then be able to release all of the Pokémon you select at once.

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You don't have to release the Pokémon right away, but it's important to note that once your pastures are filled, you won't be able to capture more Pokémon and, therefore, won't be able to make more progress on the game.

Besides, you don't really need 25 Bidoofs on your team — so it's best to make room for the Pokémon that you really do need. Also, the more Pokémon you release the more Grit you'll be rewarded.

What is Grit? This item is essential — and can be obtained by releasing Pokémon from your pastures.

Grit is a new item to Pokémon trainers. It comes in different sizes and is an important item that's used to increase your Pokémon's stats.

Players get Grit Dust, Grit Gravel, Grit Pebbles, and Grit Rocks. These different sizes of Grit increase a Pokémon's Effort Level by varying points. Effort Levels increase your Pokémon's stats further than what they already get from leveling up. The higher the level of Pokémon, the more effective the Grit is — and the bigger the Grit, the more it raises your Pokémon's Effort Level.

Releasing multiple Pokémon at once is the fastest way to earn Grit on your journey, though there are a few other methods you can employ, just as defeating Alpha Pokémon, or trading it for better Grit.

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