Collect Fruits and Seedlings by Sending Your Pikmin on Expeditions in 'Pikmin Bloom'

Sara Belcher - Author

Nov. 9 2021, Published 6:58 p.m. ET

'Pikmin Bloom'
Source: Niantic

Months after Niantic announced it was working in collaboration with Nintendo to create an AR game for the Pikmin franchise, Pikmin Bloom has finally launched on the app store. Inspired by the AR capabilities of Pokémon GO, this mobile title allows you to take your Pikmin on the go to forage for fruit in the real world. But to get new fruits and seedlings, you have to send your Pikmin on expeditions — how do you do that?

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You can't unlock expeditions in 'Pikmin Bloom' until you reach Level 6.

Unfortunately, expeditions aren't something you can do as soon as you start the game; you have to level up to Level 6 before you're able to go on an expedition, meaning you'll have to pour some time and energy into the game first.

Each level has a set of requirements to complete before you can unlock the next level, so be sure to look at those as you level up to continue advancing.

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How to send your Pikmin on an expedition in 'Pikmin Bloom.'

Once you unlock expeditions in Pikmin Bloom, what quests you can send your Pikmin on depends entirely on where you're located and what fruits and seedlings are available in your area. To find what expeditions are available for you to send your Pikmin on, pull up the main menu and select the steps button. This will bring up a menu of different stats and selections; slide until you find "Expeditions."

Once you pull up the expedition menu, it'll show all of the fruits and seedlings nearby that you can send Pikmin on an expedition for. Select which one you want to gather and select how many of your Pikmin you want to send on it.

You can either wait for the Pikmin to complete their expedition or do other things while they do. You can also complete more than one expedition at a time, depending on how many Pikmin you have available — just be sure your Pikmin aren't too exhausted to go.

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The weight of the object you're trying to obtain on the expedition needs to be taken into account before you can send your Pikmin out; you need to have enough Pikmin to carry the weight of the items you're harvesting. You also always have to have one Pikmin on you at all times, so you can't send them all at once.

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Different-colored Pikmin are capable of carrying different weights, so take the color of your Pikmin into account when sending them off on an expedition. You can unlock different-colored Pikmin as you advance levels.

You can earn more Pikmin as you advance by completing in-game challenges and tasks as you level up, and the more Pikmin you have in your arsenal, the more expeditions you can complete.

It's also important to note that your Pikmin will have to travel whatever distance you walk once you start their expedition, which could mean it'll take longer to complete; if you walk home once the expedition starts, your Pikmin will have to travel the extra distance you walk from their starting point.

Pikmin Bloom is now available on Android and iOS.

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