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Source: iStock Photo

Tips and Tricks for Surviving This Extra Spooky Bout of Mercury Retrograde


Every few months, for a period of about three weeks, the planet Mercury looks like it's moving backward on its elliptical orbit. It's not actually, but that's how it appears to us earthlings. When this happens, it's referred to as "Mercury Retrograde," and, if you're into astrology, this is the period when things get a little wonky. 

During Mercury Retrograde, we're supposed to take a beat, slow down a bit, and take stock of our current situations. But it can also... well... mess us up a bit. And this next Mercury Retrograde, the last of 2019, is a doozy.

When does Mercury Retrograde 2019 start?

2019's final period of Mercury Retrograde starts — spookily! — on Halloween. Oct. 31 will begin that period where things become topsy turvy and you're meant to look deep within yourself.