Wondering How to Unlock Deadpool in 'LEGO Marvel Super Heroes'? Get Ready to Go Brick Hunting

Want to know how to unlock Deadpool as a playable character in 'LEGO Marvel Super Heroes'? The popular Marvel anti-hero can be unlocked.

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Jan. 9 2023, Published 7:13 p.m. ET

Whether you're a kid, young at heart, or just like playing with toys, it's always fun to go back to fiddling with LEGO blocks every once in a while. If you're desperately trying to avoid lacerating your feet by stepping on them, then themed LEGO video games are an excellent all-ages alternative. Not to mention, there are plenty of LEGO games that feature our favorite universes and franchises at the forefront. Case in point, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

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The first installment of the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes series came out in 2013 and saw a Switch release in 2021. Players can choose from over 180 Marvel characters and use their unique abilities to save the LEGO world from Marvel's rogues' gallery of villains. One of those characters is everyone's favorite fourth-wall-breaking merc with a mouth, Deadpool.

As a fan-favorite character, he isn't easy to unlock. Here's a quick guide on how to unlock Deadpool in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

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Here's how to unlock Deadpool in 'LEGO Marvel Super Heroes'.

While many of the characters in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes can be unlocked via normal progression or even using cheat codes, Deadpool is one of two secret characters who can only be unlocked via a special method and cannot be accessed in any other way.

Players must collect 11 Red Bricks scattered throughout the game in order to unlock him as a playable character. According to outlets like GameZone, there are actually 15 Red Bricks, but four of them are available at the start of the game.

But obtaining them is no easy task. Many of them are locked behind special challenges and story content that you'll have to take care of first in order to properly collect them. You'll have to progress through much of the main story to even access those challenges. Luckily, the game makes it worth your while with a special reward for each brick obtained.

Here are the locations for each Red Brick used to unlock Deadpool.

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Red Brick #RewardHow to Obtain
1Studs Score Multiplier x2Visit Deadpool's room in the SHIELD Helicarrier for one million studs
2Studs Score Multiplier x4Find the "Tabloid Tidy Up" missing in the Daily Bugle during post-game. Using a character with telekinesis, go to the trophy room and place each colored trophy onto its corresponding pedestal
3Studs Score Multiplier x6"Feeling Frisky" mission at Fisk Tower; requires 50 Gold Bricks. Use a character with telekinesis and Gold Heat Beam. Move the Kingpin painting and destroy the gold vault.

4Studs Multiplier x8"Reptilian Ruckus" in Central Park, enter for 125 Gold Bricks. Use electric and magnetic characters to turn on the sprinklers and open the metal container that appears
5Studs Multiplier x10"House Party Protocol" in Stark Tower. Use characters with telekinesis and Heat Beam to destroy a gold object and reveal a stick. Use the stick to break the pinata in the room
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6Gold Brick Detector"Nuff Said" mission at Marvel HQ. Use a telekinetic character to complete a Deadpool picture puzzle
7Minikit Piece Detector"Put Up Your Dukes" mission in Fogwell Gym. Use Iron Man to access a panel near Captain America to reveal a punching bag. Once Cap hits it, the Red Brick is yours
8Mini Characters"Brotun-heim" mission; costs 200 Gold Bricks. Use a Heat Beam character to melt the ice by the gate.
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9Collect Ghost Studs"A Shock Withdrawal" at the Federal Bank. Use a fire or Heat Beam character to destroy a set of gold bricks near a bank truck.
10Fast Build"Stranger Danger" in the Sanctum Sanctorum. Use a flying character to access the second floor. Then use Sandman to travel through the sand to access a secret room. There, you can use a telekinetic character to open a secret chest and construct a tree and reveal a present that can be opened with Spider-Man.
11Attract Studs"Stunt Show Surprise" in the Circus Tent for 100 Gold Bricks. Use a magnetic character to open a blue cage.

The remaining four red bricks can be purchased directly in Deadpool's room. Once you've gathered all of them, visit the screen in Deadpool's room to confirm each of your Red Bricks and claim their individual rewards. This can be done at any point during your hunt.

After you've done that, Deadpool is yours!

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and other consoles.

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