Become a Master Musician in 'The Sims 4' – Here’s How to Write a Hit Song

If you’re trying to figure out how to write a song in 'The Sims 4', you’ll be glad to know it's a simple but time-consuming process. Here’s how it works.

Jon Bitner - Author

Mar. 7 2023, Published 4:21 p.m. ET

The Sims Piano
Source: EA

There’s no shortage of ways to spend your time in The Sims 4, but there’s nothing quite like watching your character grow their skills with a musical instrument.

What starts out as a plucky, headache-inducing racket can quickly lead to the creation of a global hit single, but getting there takes lots of determination and hard work.

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Thinking about turning your Sim into a musician? Here’s how to write a song in The Sims 4 and convert your passion into a profit.

How to write a song in 'The Sims 4':

Before you can write a song in The Sims 4, you’ll need to purchase an instrument. Once you’ve acquired the instrument of your choice, you’ll next need to train your Sim until they reach level 8.

This will take a while to accomplish, so be sure to have your Sim practice playing the instrument every day. After hitting level 8, you’ll unlock the ability to write a song in The Sims 4.

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The Sims 4 Guitar
Source: EA

To write a song, simply have your Sim interact with their instrument and select the “Write A Song” option. Only a few song selections will be available to you when first starting out, but more will be unlocked as you continue to level up your skill with the instrument.

Writing a song will take about 12 in-game hours.

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Thankfully, you can have your Sim drop the task and resume at a later date without having to start from scratch. To do this, select the draft from your inventory and you’ll pick up where you left off.

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At the end of the 12-hour writing phase, you’ll be given the chance to name your song. You’ll also be able to play the song whenever your Sim uses their instrument.

Keep in mind your skill level is unique to each instrument – so if you want to write a song on the piano and another on the guitar, you’ll need to hit level 8 with each.

How to make money with your song in 'The Sims 4'.

If you’re looking to make a few bucks off your hard work and dedication, you’ll be glad to know you can earn money by licensing your song. It requires a bit more training (as the licensing option doesn’t become available until level 9), but it’s definitely worth the extra effort.

After hitting level 9 with your instrument of choice, head over to your mailbox.

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Once at your mailbox, click the “License Song” option. You’ll then be able to license your creation and earn a bit of cash (up to 1,000 simoleons) every morning.

Keep in mind that only a single song can be licensed per week per instrument. But if you become a master of multiple instruments, licensing your songs is a great way to earn a ton of cash every day.

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